Solar Cables

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Solar CablesSolar Cables

Cables and wires are an integral part of the Solar PV system. They connect all the components of the PV system. A well planned and installed network of cables ensure safe and efficient function of the PV system.

DC Solar Cables Single core copper cables each for +Ve and -Ve connections. They are insulated and sheathed with cross linkable LSOH which has UV as well as Ozone protection properties. These cables conform to TUV/EN/IEC specifications.
DC Cables used in Solar PV Systems are mainly categorized as

• PV Module to PV Module

• PV Module to Array junction box

• Array Junction Box to Main Junction Box 

• Main Junction box to Inverter

Battery Cables

Cables used for batteries of PV system are:

• PV Module to Charge Controller

• Charge Controller to Battery

Best Cables for Your PV System

Apar provides the best cables for PV Systems in the industry. Apar range of Solar cables for emerging PV based renewable energy installations is backed by its 30 years of experience in manufacture of Elastomeric insulated cables. Apar has installed Electron Beam Irradiation facility having 1.5MeV, 2.5MeV and 3MeV accelerators and uses this technology for cross linking of Elastomeric Insulation and sheath of Solar DC Cables.



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