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Solar PV Mounting Structures

Mounting Structures used to fix the PV system. They hold and support the PV system at the appropriate angles to ensure the reception of maximum solar irradiation. A good mounting structure is particularly important to obtain higher efficiency and better performance from the Solar PV system installed. Based on the surface where the PV system is installed, the type of mounting structure differs.

Types of Mounting Structures

  • Rooftop Mounting Structures
  • Ground Mounting Structures
  • Floating Structures

Rooftop Mounting Structures

Rooftop mounting structures, as the name suggests, are use for PV systems installed in roof of buildings. These structures help us to mount the PV system in an efficient manner avoiding maximum shading. They also help in installing PV system in a way to use to maximum area available.

Ground Mounting Structures

Ground mounted PV systems are generally large, utility scale PV power plants. The structures used in these PV systems anchor the system to the ground. Each structure may support two to four panels.

Floating Structures

Floating PV systems are the latest innovation in the renewable energy industry. This involves installing PV systems over water bodies like lake, ponds, and rivers. By doing we greatly reduce the usage of land resources. Mounting structures are used in this type of PV systems too. This type of structures must be pollution.


A good mounting structure must strong enough to hold the system and be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, and sun. Galvanized iron and aluminum are the metals used in structures these days.

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