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Apar solar DC cable in UAE

Do you know? The energy generated from your solar system is not only determined by the efficiency of solar panels. But there is an important consideration that you often forgot to think through. This is the right solar DC cable. Wires and cables have an important part in making you obtain the optimum performance from any solar system. And that is why we recommend the best solution -  Apar solar DC cable in UAE. If you have the high-quality solar DC cable with your solar system, you can anticipate excellent performance during the entire lifespan of the solar installation of about twenty-five years.

Choose the lifeline of your solar project from a leading Apar solar DC cable supplier

Why choose quality solar cables?

Solar cable is an interconnection cable useful widely in the solar power generation system. By using this cable, you can interconnect solar panels as well as other electrical components in a solar project. Since these wires and cables often lie outside of the system, if you want them to be perfect throughout the life of your PV system, the choice should be great. And hence is the reason Power n Sun recommends the high-quality Apar solar DC cable in UAE.

With our supreme quality ranges of solar DC cables, you can

  • Make sure of a reliable electricity supply
  • Minimized loss in energy generation
  • Optimum performance throughout the 20-25 years of your PV project
  • Ability to withstand the demanding environmental conditions
  • Delivers high mechanical strength against extreme weather conditions.

Power n Sun – One of the established Apar solar DC cable distributors

We take the pride in offering our Apar solar DC cable in UAE to our clients from the manufacturer has rich 6 decades of experience. Headquartered in Mumbai, and having production facilities spread across the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in various regions, APAR Industries has a long history. The company has been established in the year 1958. The brand has the honor of holding a top name in the Asia Pacific region for conductor and power cable manufacturing. Your purchase of an Apar solar DC cable in UAE conforms to the highest requirements for a solar PV system. In addition, it meets the high expectations demanded by solar system installers.

  • Certified for ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 
  • Stand among the list of the top 3 conductor manufacturers in the world.
  • Cables are in adherence with any national or International specifications

Buy Apar solar DC cable & Enhance your solar system performance

Solar cables are prone to a lot of challenges such as UV radiation, high temperatures, rain, humidity, dirt, etc. Unless and until you don’t have our best Apar solar DC cable in UAE, it is hard to tackle such major challenges. Power n Sun is a leading and authorized distributor for quality solar DC cables from a top brand Apar. Our cables are ensured to manufacture in accordance with all the requirements such as excellent weather resistance, long service life, and security of investment for the system installer. Although our cables are packed with top features that exceed expectations, they still come with a very reasonable Apar solar DC cable price.  


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