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Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter in UAE

As you know, solar systems have made it possible for everyone all around the world to have their own cheap electricity generation. The cost of solar electricity is comparatively lower than other traditional sources. this makes the popularity grow. There are different solar systems and Power n Sun is highly specialized in meeting all those demands. Now its portfolio also covers Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter in UAE useful in the application of driving water pumps.

Power n Sun’s solar pumping inverter system

As a leading Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter supplier, we are responsible to bring the world some of the valuable solar products. Hence our range of solar products includes inverter collections that are quite useful in transforming the DC current created from solar panels into AC current which will drive the water pumps. This is done more efficiently with our Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter in UAE. Do you know what makes these inverters better than conventional water pumps? 

  • Efficiency in operation
  • Low installation costs
  • Low maintenance

Does your remote area rely on diesel generators and human resources for water supply? We have the best alternative for you. A powerful yet economical choice of an Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter in UAE.

Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter distributors with deep market intelligence

Of course, you know it better. The solar industry developments have paved the way for the increased efficiency of solar panels. Our esteemed partner knows this well. Hence, Invt puts its major investment in the segment of R&D, so that it can come up with innovative solutions.

Having its operations started in the year 2002, the brand has been in the industry for 2 decades. The company has the recognition of a global leader catering to the needs of products and services that enable the clients to have competitiveness. So, doesn’t this make your buying of an Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter in UAE an ideal decision?

  • The company owns 15 subsidiaries and is bigger in its operations with around 3200 employees.

  • The company has more than 30 domestic offices, 4 overseas branches, and sufficient warranty centers. Thus the brand is capable of meeting your buy and after-buy Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter needs.

  • INVT (Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd) has many milestones in its journey so far. This includes the Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan award.

  • The company covers various segments such as electric vehicles, automation, rail transit, and network power. In order to ensure all these productions are efficient, the company has 12 R&D centers across the country.

Cost-effective Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter price

Loaded with a bundle of benefits

  • Designed specially to meet solar pumping applications
  • Simple to connect with your solar panel. No more difficulties in setting any parameters.
  • Advanced MPPT algorithm of your Invt Solar Water Pump Inverter in UAE enables the user to accomplish solar power tracking efficiency of up to 99%
  • Useful in a wide variety of applications such as Domestic water, Agriculture irrigation, Municipal Water, forestry irrigation, desert control, and more.


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