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Smarten off-grid inverter in UAE

Are you thinking about installing a solar system? We appreciate your innovative thoughts. However, we also recommend here to know what you need the most. An inverter is the brain of the solar system. There are various types of inverters available in the UAE market. If maximizing the investment in the solar system is your goal, make it worthwhile with our Smarten off-grid inverter in UAE.

Off-grid inverter – How does it suit your needs?

Are you going to install the system in areas where no power grids or long power cuts are available? Then, this standalone inverter is the absolute choice. Yet, you no need to connect the solar panels to the power grid in the off-grid solar system that works individually. Here the off-grid inverter gets connected to the battery backup and in addition, it stores the generated power during day hours.

Smarten off-grid inverter in UAE

Why Power n Sun is the preferred Smarten off-grid inverter supplier?

  • Simplifies your effort to go to solar with trusted solar products
  • In our so far journey, we have been serving the segments of residential, commercial, and industries. Our service regions include all of South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa regions.
  • Moreover, we have a specialization in offering 360-degree solar solutions
  • We deal with only the highest standards of products. Thus it includes the leading Smarten off-grid inverter in UAE.

Smarten off-grid inverter distributors bringing you the highlights of the brand

Smarten Solar company’s journey began with a series of Home UPS in 2014. The company has carved a unique name in its industry with the power of the latest technology in offering power backup products

  • The company has the core purpose of delivering its clients the possible solutions of power products.  As a result, it helps in moving towards a sustainable future.
  • Embraces stringent quality measures and standards throughout the processes
  • Above all, the well-versed team of members has a thorough knowledge of the market demands.
  • Dealing with a vast range of unique Power Backup Solutions and Solar Products.
  • Backed up with unmatched durability, your Smarten off-grid inverter in UAE is processed with best practices.
  • Since its inception, the brand has been standing at the forefront of the progression to a bright energy future from renewable sources.
  • The company has a strong footprint in various regions including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Benin, Uganda, and South Africa.

Buy Smarten off-grid inverter – Assured best deals on Smarten off-grid inverter price

Generating your own electricity is made simpler with Power n Sun. Most importantly, if you look for energy independence, let us realize your dream with the best pick of Smarten off-grid inverter in UAE. Start savings significantly with our solar products. Because; you will get rid of the frustration of paying hugely for conventional electricity consumption.

Features of Smarten off-grid inverter

  • 30% more efficient
  • Effective working with advanced DSP controller 
  • Packed with consumer-centric features
  • LCD Display
  • Highly efficient and reliable inverter
  • Built-in IT mode.
  • The Bravo model comes with an inbuilt stabilizer and charger.
  • Finest quality, that yields the benefits of durability and performance
  • Operates at its peak efficiency
  • Supplies high-quality AC power
  • Grid Charging Enable and Disable Option
  • Armed with sine wave technology 


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