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Sofar Solar
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Sofar Solar Inverter in UAE

So, you know that the solar inverter is a vital element in your solar system. And it converts the DC power that the solar panels capture into AC electricity. Are you interested in bringing your solar setup to some of the best inverters? Then we have a recommendation for you. The most popular Sofar solar inverter in UAE! Although you don’t have to possess proficiency in the inner working of an inverter, still you should be capable of making a smart choice. Since a range of loads with modern appliances and equipment, you no longer consider buying an inverter as the light decision.

Sofar solar inverter in UAE – A Quality Buy For Your Money

PowernSun is your complete destination for a range of solar inverters, no matter what type of your solar system is. Are you looking for the best Sofar solar inverter price? Certainly, it is possible with your favorite Sofar solar inverter supplier. The core motto of Power n Sun is complete customer satisfaction. Hence, we offer great deals on your purchase that helps in getting your desired product without breaking the bank. 

Thanks to our esteemed partners, to empower us in offering our clients a vast range of solar inverters based on their existing solar panels. If you are determined to make the step to solar energy, but not sure of how to start, experts at Power n Sun can guide you. We are confident about our expertise in the field. Therefore we can help you in picking the finest and most relevant Sofar on-grid solar inverter in UAE for your specific requirement.

Meet one of the best Sofar solar inverter distributors

Established in 2013, Sofar solar, a China-based manufacturer has its 9 own subsidiaries. This includes India, Australia, Italy, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Poland, Germany, Dongguan, and Xinyang. For a significant number of years, the company has been proving its commitment to the development of power electronics products. The company has its key focus on the segments of R&D in the field of energy storage.

Some of the highlights of the company

Know what makes your purchase for a Sofar solar inverter in UAE worthy

  • Holds a reputed position as one of the top 5 string inverter companies throughout China.
  • A well-known name in the sector of power storage inverters.
  • Best known for precision manufacturing capabilities and high levels of engineering sophistication
  • Has been supplying the products to more than 80 countries all over the world
  • Highly capable of meeting customer requirements with premium quality products
  • Named as one of the “Top PV Brands” by the EUPD

Buy Sofar solar inverter and power your life with the best inverter

  • Flexible Solutions that seem to be compatible with major brands of solar batteries
  • Fulfills the demands of all sizes of PV installations
  • Adheres to string quality control measures and 100% quality buy is assured with your Sofar solar inverter in UAE
  • Avoids the PID effect and included effective measures inside the device 
  • High-quality and reliable products with a long-term warranty


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