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Weidmuller solar PV connector in UAE

It may be surprising to know that your PV system employs the needs of over 100 connectors. This truly stands for the importance of putting great attention on the right solar connectors. Until and unless you are not concentrating on the quality of these components, your solar system will not be up to its mark. Still, we do not want you to be let down in the search for the best parts. Rather we bring you the most appropriate and reliable Weidmuller solar PV connector in UAE.

Best-selling connectors from a top Weidmuller solar PV connector supplier

As an installer, you look for your system to withstand extreme weather conditions and have high mechanical requirements. It is our complete responsibility from us to meet and exceed your expectations with the best Weidmuller solar PV connector in UAE

Designed to meet the core needs of connecting the solar systems, our connectors are ensured to have the highest quality standards. Although it is true that these components are small in size, they are the most significant parts of a solar system. All the solar connectors are mostly compatible with all types of solar panels. Still, we suggest you check with your panels and get in touch with our team. Our experts can help you in making sure that you buy Weidmuller solar PV connector the right for the panel it features. After all, as one of the leading Weidmuller solar PV connector distributors, we are committed to bearing our best for you.

Weidmuller solar connector in UAE – Applications

  • Useful in connecting solar panels to other panels
  • Helpful in establishing connections with batteries and junction boxes
  • Interlocks assure that there is secure mating and protection. This avoids any accidental release between plugs and sockets.
  • Facilitates the connections between panels in series or parallel.

Weidmuller solar connector in UAE – Highlights of the manufacturer

Weidmuller is a brand that has its sole focus on technological change, specifically electric connectivity. The company is well-known as a leader in providing excellent solutions helpful for the transmission of power, data, and signals. In fact, the company is the best partner when it comes to your search for a reasonable Weidmuller solar PV connector price for your system. The company has experts who excel at the technological challenges of tomorrow. This enables the brand to constantly make progress in creating innovative, sustainable and useful solutions for the needs of reliable connections. The manufacturer has their presence in more than 80 countries including the manufacturing plants, sales companies and representatives.

  • A trusted name in the field of industrial connections
  • volume of sales of estimated to 823 million EUR in 2018
  • More than 4900 employees work in the company
  • Connectivity is the key. The brand knows it well and so they precisely make it stand for what it means.
  • Every Weidmuller solar PV connector in UAE is known not only to connect well with the panels but also with every client as well. 
  • The highly flexible, customized and self-controlling manufacturing units are the vision of the future in accomplishing customer-centric products.


Supplier of Weidmuller PV Combiner Box, Photovoltaic Connector PV-Stick and VARITECTOR-Surge Protection Device

Weidmuller has been supplying combiner boxes for photovoltaic systems since 2007. As an international company they have development and production sites around the world. At Weidmuller's Global Application Center in Barcelona they coordinate and test the design of combiner boxes. Current design and manufacturing standards are guaranteed around the world by the highest quality standards. Sophisticated logistics ensure maximum punctuality for deliveries. Throughout the project, local specialists provide you with professional and reliable support.

As experienced expert Weidmuller supports customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. Therefore Weidmuller continuously developing innovative, sustainable and useful solutions for their individual needs. Together we set standards in Industrial Connectivity.


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