Solar Energy Technologies for Residential, Commercial and Industrial sector in Gulf Region, South Asia and South Africa

Technology is best when it reaches to the common man in its simplest form. And this is what we, at Power n Sun are trying to achieve, with the prospective of Solar Powered on and off grid energy supply. For a developing country, the Choice of Technology plays a pivotal role that propels the ways of life for the common people. It can often be a humongous task, or sometimes impossible to shift the existing technologies of an urban area, for a better alternate, such as renewable energy.

Today the wide range of photovoltaic products has brought incredible prospects for rural development, agricultural development and to cover the larger scale of energy supply. So when we have something like “renewable energy” as a powerful alternate to the electric production sourced from burning fossil fuels, the former, definitely poses as a more significant choice of technology.

Solar Power not only have a more environment respecting impact on a country, but also serve a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by making it simpler and affordable for consumers to avail, as well as harmonious for the labor and socio-economic system.

Therefore, the competent team of engineers at Power n Sun strives continuously to provide the best products to the market at the least cost, without adding up any frills attached to it. The idea is to keep the product at its best efficiency, cost and for long life.