PnS Mc4 EBPV4M Branch Ctr Male


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PnS Mc4 EBPV4M Branch Connector Male 2.5,4&6 Sq.Mm Cable

  • Technology: goods
  • Product Type: PV Connectors

Delivery Time:

2 to 4 Weeks

PnS Mc4 EBPV4M Branch Connector Male 2.5,4&6 Sq.Mm Cable



Rated Voltage

1500V DC

Rated Current

25A (2.5 mm²), 30A (4.0 mm², 6.0 mm²)

RMS Test Voltage

8kV (1500V)

Impulse withstand Voltage

16 kV

Degree of Protection

IP 68

Contact Material

Copper with Tin Plating

Ambient Temperature

-40° C to +85° C

Max. Operating Temp.

+110° C

Pollution Degree 


Contact Resistance

< 0.5mΩ

Insertion Force

≤ 50 N

Withdrawal Force

≥ 50 N

Locking System

Snap In

PV Solar Branch connectors EBPV4M-N and EBPV4F-N are applicable for parallel connection with PV straight male or female connectors depending on on-site application. Branch connectors have 3 branches, 2 for inputs either male or female and 1 for output either male or female. These connectors are constructed using flame retardant thermoplastic suitable for exposure to UV rays and for application in PV power generation system