Jinko Eagle PERC 300W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module - JKM300M-60

GOODWE GW3000D-NS Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase Solar Inverters.

GOODWE GW3000D-NS Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase Solar Inverters.



INGECON SUN 33 TL - S+ three phase TL Inverters Maximum efficiency at the best price including the features of Plug & Play technology, Rugged design, Ease of maintenance & Easy to operate.

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INGECON SUN 33 TL - S+; MPPT system.;98.5% maximum efficiency.; Digital inputs.; RS-485 communications supplied as standard.; Inverter firmware updating by the user through a SD memory card.; Software INGECON® SUN Manager for PV plant access and data registration.; Software INGECON® SUN Monitor for PV plant monitoring.; LCD display.; Easy maintenance.; Display-configurable potential-free contact, to indicate insulation fault or grid connection.; Plug & Play technology.; Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations (IP65).; High temperature performance.; Different versions to satisfy every project needs.; Compact design.; Language, rated voltage and Country Code configurable by display.

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More Information

Commercial / Industrial

Technical Specification

Input (DC)
Recommended PV array power range(1) 34 - 45 kW
Voltage range MPP(2) 560 - 820 V
Min. voltage for Pnom at rated Vac 560 V
Maximum voltage(3) 1,000 V
Maximum current(4) 61 A
Inputs with terminal blocks 1
Inputs with PV connectors(5) 8

Output (AC)
Rated power 33 kW
Max. temperature at rated power(6) 51 oC
Maximum current 48 A
Rated voltage 400 V
Voltage range 304 - 528 V
Frecuency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor 1
Power Factor adjustable(7)
Yes. Smax=33 kVA;
Qmax=20 kVAR
THD <3%

Maximum efficiency 98.5% , Euro efficiency 98.3%


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