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Distributor & Supplier of ingeteam Inverters and Accessories in Middle East, South and Southeast Asia


Beside it’s 75 years of substantial track record as a manufacturer and supplier of power and control electronic products and services, Ingeteam has also established it’s remarkability in the field of renewable energy, with its variety of world-class solar inverters and accessories for integrating the values and efficiency of solar photovoltaic energy in the present time. The Ingeteam Sun (IS) series of Solar Inverters are available in single phase and 3-phase power supply systems in exponential rated capacities ranging from 2.5 kW and up to to 7,200 kW; that are tailored for specific scales of residential, commercial, industrial as well as utility applications. The diverse products developed under the Ingeteam brand, ensure high energy efficiency values of up to 98%; with its inbuilt technological features like powerful MPP tracking systems, that can harness the maximum amount of Solar Power from the Photovoltaic field, and surprises you with it’s unbeatable performance through cloudy days and in conditions of partial shadings. Moreover, it also enables ease of installation, preferably on-roof and supports different orientations. You can even control it with modern Wireless Controls with phones and computers over Wifi connectivity.

If you are a small or medium supplier or retailer of Photovoltaic and Electric products in the Middle Eastern diaspora, you can buy on B2B wholesale, a wide range of products from the Ingeteam Sun series of solar inverters along many other products from this International brand. We supply to regions in the Gulf, Africa, South Asian specifically.


  • Ingecon Sun 100 TL - PRO
  • Ingecon Sun 100 TL - STD (S+)
  • Ingecon Sun 100 TL U - PRO (P+)
  • Ingecon Sun 3.68 TL M (DC SW)
  • Ingecon Sun 6 TL M (DC SW)
  • Ingecon Sun 10 TL - S+
  • Ingecon Sun 20 TL - S+
  • Ingecon Sun 33 TL - S+
  • Ingecon Sun 15 TL M - P+(Double MPPT)
  • Ingecon Sun 20 TL M - P+(Double MPPT)
  • Ingecon Sun 33 TL M - P+(Double MPPT)


  • Ingecon EMS Board - Kit EMS Board + Wattmeter greater than 65A
  • Ingecon RS485 Modbus card (1PLAY, STORAGE 1PLAY)
  • Ingecon Ethernet Card Modbus/TCP with RS485 (1PLAY, 1PLAY Storage, 3PLAY*)
  • Ingecon Wi-Fi Modbus/TCP Card
  • Ingecon WIFI Mesh Bridge for 3Play 100kW**
  • Ingecon WIFI Mesh Antenna for 3Play 100kW
  • Ingecon EMS Board
  • Ingecon EMS Board - Kit EMS Board + Wattmeter up to 65A (direct measurement)*
  • Ingecon EMS Board - Kit for self-consumption - 3Play 100TL**