Powernsun Takes Root in Jordan🇯🇴: Sustainable Planting for a Greener Future

Powernsun Takes Root in Jordan🇯🇴: Sustainable Planting for a Greener Future

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  • June 9, 2023

Powernsun along with their Trusted partner Idhal Solar, demonstrated its unwavering commitment during SONEX 2023 Exhibition in Jordan for environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility by organizing a remarkable sustainable plantation activity at the esteemed Rawabi Farah Farm in Jordan. This initiative aimed to promote the crucial values of “Save the Earth” and “Go Green” and foster a greener and healthier future for the country.

The Powernsun and Idhal Solar team, comprising passionate employees, eagerly participated in the sustainable plantation activity held on 8th June 2023. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding Rawabi Farah Farm, the team embarked on a mission to enhance the landscape and contribute to global reforestation efforts.

A wide variety of native plants were carefully selected for the plantation, taking into account the region’s climate and soil conditions. These plants included but were not limited to olive, pine, and carob, which are known for their environmental benefits, aesthetic appeal, and significance in the local culture.

The CSR initiative not only focused on the plantation but also aimed to raise awareness about the pressing environmental issues our world faces today. Powernsun and Idhal Solar organized interactive workshops and informative sessions, educating attendees about the importance of sustainable practices, the positive impact of plants on our ecosystem, and the role each individual can play in mitigating climate change.


“We believe that businesses have a responsibility to lead by example and actively contribute to the well-being of the planet,” said Rowena Espina, AGM Business Development at Powernsun. “Our sustainable plantation activity at Rawabi Farah Farm is a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability and a greener future with our partner Idhal Solar. By nurturing these plants, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also creating a legacy of sustainability for generations to come.”

The Powernsun and Idhal Solar team expressed gratitude to the management and staff at Rawabi Farah Farm for their invaluable support and collaboration in making this initiative a resounding success. Their shared vision for environmental conservation has paved the way for future endeavors that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the local ecosystem.

Powernsun is dedicated to continually fostering environmental awareness and sustainability in all its endeavors. Through initiatives like the sustainable plantation activity at Rawabi Farah Farm, the company strives to inspire other organizations and individuals to prioritize the preservation of our planet and embrace greener practices.