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Off the Grid Solar Solutions Provider

Off The Grid Solar Solutions

The Off-Grid Solar System is a standalone power supply system that functions entirely by harnessing sunlight and is capable to supply ample power throughout the year, within a limited range of area, such as a home, industrial facility, or small hotel. The system involves storing the solar energy in high capacity batteries and does not need to be connected with the electrical grid. This is the most powerful source of Renewable Solar Energy, that can meet all kinds of utility requirements, even during monsoon and snowfall with limited or no sunlight for days or weeks at an end. Off Grid Solar Systems promote the excellent possibilities of a complete self-sufficient green living and energy efficiency into normal households. However, even though Off-The-Grid Solar Systems can free you completely off the electricity in the long run, they are but a highly expensive initial investment.

With powerful equipments of Solar Charge Controllers, Battery Backup and Generators and Off-Grid Inverters that convert the Direct Current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC). Power n Sun brings you a wide range of equipments that you can shop online for retail or in wholesale bulks. You can place your order via our e-commerce platform, or directly contact us at +971 4 3686393; info(at)powernsun.com. We will supply your order to your doorstep. Our service areas include all locations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.