P n S Solar Street Lights

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems Wholesale Supplier

Solar Street and Garden lights are eco-friendly, solar powered LED lights, supplied by Power n Sun, through our B2B ecommerce platform. The innovative mechanism of the solar lights absorbs sunlight and creates 30%-50% more brightness as compared to other outdoor lighting systems and functions even during cloudy days. It has in-built lithium-ion battery, External Battery with Battery Management System, which makes the installation and maintenance very easy and comes with a reduced risk of accidents. These are smart power solutions, ideal for remote, rural areas with erratic or inconstant power supply. It can also supplement a reduced dependence on thermal energy in urban areas, and impose excellent contribution for green energy. Power n Sun is a vital distributor of these meaningful products that are the thing of the future.

We operate across continents, from UAE, India, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, we are also a part of Orange group, which is a diversified and progressing.


You can now reach us on +971 43686393 or mail us info@powernsun.com, for any kind of inquiry

Solar Powered LED Street lights

Premium Integrated Solar Street Light

  • PnS 8 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 12 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 15 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 20 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 25 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 30 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 40 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 50 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 60 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 70 Watt Solar Street Lights
  • PnS 80 Watt Solar Street Lights

Philips Solar Urban Spark

  • UrbanSpark

Philips Solar Street Light

Philips Road Flair Range

  • Philips Road Flair

Philips Green Vision Xceed Product Range

  • Philips Green Vision Xceed

Philips Luma Product Range

  • Philips Luma

Philips Lumi Product Range

  • Philips LumiStreet

Philips Digi Street Product Range

  • Philips DigiStreet