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Philips Solar LED Lights

Power n Sun, the renowned supplier of solar products, has brightened up the homes of millions by making Philips Solar-Powered LED Lights available at a reasonable rate. Grab the high-powered LED luminaires that come with pervasive benefits. These not only contribute to a better lifestyle with high-quality indoor and outdoor illumination but also reduce electricity bills considerably. Recognised as the chief supplier of Philips Solar-Powered LED Lights to dealers/distributors in UAE, India, Saudi and Africa region, Power n Sun has won the hearts of many with its breakthrough technology to deliver a sustainable lighting solution. This cost effective yet convenient way to lighting is sure to bring out the best in any of those urban or rural landscapes.

Philips Solar Lighting System offered by Power n Sun includes products such as LED Solar Lights and lighting accessories, a comprehensive solution for Home & Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting for Urban Areas, Street Lighting Solutions and Flood Lights and Community Area and Event Lights, all this, being powered by natural sunlight through an eco-friendly and powerful system. These are heavy duty and low maintenance solar products that efficiently saves solar energy throughout the day, and works even on cloudy days, to give out bright unfaltering illumination all though dark evenings and nights.

With our B2B e-commerce platform, other businesses and Philips lighting distributors can buy their desired products of Philips LED Lights Online, with our policies of transparency, value for money and convenient supply. Feel free to contact us for quotations, queries or any concerns about any product or service, at Call: +971 43686393 or mail us at info(at)powernsun.com.

Conventional Lamps and Tubes

  • Essential LEDBulbs - Pack of 3
  • TMS012 1xTL-D36W I 240V-50Hz
  • TMS012 1xTL-D18W I 240V-50Hz
  • TL-D 36W Snow White 1SL/25
  • TL-D 18W Snow White 1SL/25
  • S10 4-65W SIN 220-240V BL LIS/12X25
  • S2 4-22W SER 220-240V BL LIS/12X25CT
  • TL-D 58W/54-765 1SL/25
  • TL-D 36W/54-765 1SL/25
  • TL-D 18W/54-765 1SL/25
  • Candle Bulbs - Pack of 2
  • LEDBulbs - Pack of 2
  • Eco Fit TLED LED tubes
  • Essential LED Spot Bulbs
  • Scene Switch LED Bulbs
  • Essential LED Bulbs
  • Deco Classic Bulbs
  • Core Pro LED candles
  • TMS012 2xTL-D36W I 240V-50Hz