PnS Cmb Dc Switc 1200V,Dc 100A


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PnS Bdh-250 1200V Dc 100A 4P Dc Isolator Switch

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PnS Bdh-250 1200V Dc 100A 4P Dc Isolator Switch,DC Breaker are mainly used in large solar power systems which are applied at the Rated volatge upto 1200V DC Current upto 100A.

Type BD-100
Max Rated Current 100A
Rated Working Voltage 1200V DC 60/80
Rated Current 100/125
Rated insulated Volatge 1000V DC
Rated Impulse Voltage 8KV
1 Min Power Frequency Withstand Volatge 3.8KV
Ultimate Breaking Capacity 20KA
Run Breaking Capacity 15KA
Protection-Tripping Type Thermal Magnetic Type
Storege Temp -45 Deg C~+70 Deg C

High Short-Circuit/Breaking Capacity
Protection Functions : Overload,Short Circuit,Unfrequent Operation
Rated VoltageUpto 1000V DC
Rated Current 100A
Easy Installation