Platina Tall Tubular Battery 12V 240Ah

Platina is a leading solar battery manufacturer in India. Platina offers tall tubular solar batteries that are efficient in making your Residential and Commercial sectors shine with solar power. Platina is a trusted battery brand that has been around for more than a decade and is offering good quality energy storage solutions for solar applications.


  • Nominal Voltage – 12V
  • C20 Capacity at 27°C till 10.5V – 240
  • Backup Duration (HH:MM) at
Model 500W 400W 300W 200W 100W
240 04:40 05:30 09:00 14:00 30:00:00
  • Capacity Ampere Hour (AH)
Capacity 240
20-Hr 240
10-Hr 216
5-Hr 180

Additional information

Weight 70 kg