Schneider Conext™ CL-36 String Inverter


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Schneider Conext™ CL36 String Inverter

  • Power phase: Three Phase

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Schneider Conext™ CL36 String Inverter

Conext™ CL36 String Inverter 
Max. PV input voltage 1100 V
Max. PV input current 88 (33A/33A/22A)
Max. DC short circuit current 96A (36A/36A/24A)
Max. efficiency 98.5 %
MPPT voltage range 200 - 1000 V

Higher return on investment
• 98.5% peak efficiency
• String monitoring included
• Includes 3 MPPT inputs
Ease of installation and service
• Less than 50 kg for easy installation
• Fast commissioning with ConextTM Gateway
• Remote monitoring via ConextTM Insight 2
Intelligent design
• Support DC/AC ratio up to 1.3
• Integrated DC fuses and DC/AC surge protection
Solution to support grid connectivity
• AC coupling compatible with Schneider Electric storage products
• Offered with complementary LV distribution products from Schneider Electric