SMA Sunny Island 4.4-12 Master


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Sunny Island 4.4M Master(Si4.4M-12),Battery Inverter: 230 Vac/50 Hz; 48 Vdc; 4.4 Kw (30 Min); 3.3 Kw (Duration); Integrated Wlan And Lan Communicationvia Webserver Or Webconnect

  • Power phase: Single Phase

Delivery Time:

2 to 4 weeks

The Sunny Island battery inverter supports a wide range of on- and off-grid installations with compelling product features— from operation in off-grid areas to home energy management. Users can benefit from SMA’s experience in having more than 70,000 Sunny Island inverters installed worldwide. Thanks to its integrated web interface and standard interfaces WLAN and Ethernet, the Sunny Island 4.4M/6.0H/8.0H can be easily configured and monitored via smartphone or tablet. And being a core element in the SMA Flexible Storage System, the Sunny Island temporarily stores self-generated power thus making it possible to use solar power around-the-clock. Its high protection class, wide temperature range and exceptional overload capacity always provide the kind of reliability needed for off-grid use. Intelligent load and energy management keeps the system running even in critical situations. The Sunny Island is the ultimate all-purpose solution—and includes a 10-year warranty

technical Data Sunny Island 4.4M

operation on the utility grid or generator

Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range 230 V / 172.5 V to 264.5 V
Rated grid frequency / permitted frequency range 50 Hz / 40 Hz to 70 Hz
Maximum AC current for increased self-consumption (grid operation) 14.5 A
Maximum AC power for increased self-consumption (grid operation) 3.3 kVA
Maximum AC input current 50 A
Maximum AC input power 11500 W

Stand-alone or emergency power operation

Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range 230 V / 202 V to 253 V
Rated frequency / frequency range (adjustable) 50 Hz / 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Rated power (at Unom, fnom / 25°C / cos φ = 1) 3300 W
AC power at 25°C for 30 min / 5 min / 3 sec 4400 W / 4600 W / 5500 W
AC power at 45°C continuously 3000 W
Rated current / maximum output current (peak) 14.5 A / 60 A
Total harmonic distortion output voltage / power factor at rated power < 4% / −1 to +1

Battery Dc input
Rated input voltage / DC voltage range 48 V / 41 V to 63 V
Maximum battery charging current / rated DC charging current / DC 75A / 63A / 75A
discharging current

Battery type / battery capacity (range) Li-Ion2), FLA, VRLA /
100 Ah to 10000 Ah (lead-acid)
50 Ah to 10000 Ah (li-Ion)

Charge control IUoU charge procedure with automatic full charge and equalization charge

Efficiency / self-consumption of the device
Maximum eiciency 95.5%
No-load consumption / standby 18 W / 6.8 W

• Communication via Ethernet and WLAN
• Webconnect
• Optimized data logging

• 10-year warranty
• Particularly high overload

• IP54 for reliable operation in extreme environments

• Works with self-consumption systems, battery backup systems and off-grid systems
• Ideal for retrofits or modular expansions of single-phase and three-phase systems