SMA TS4-R-S Module Technology DC Optimizer


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TS4-S is one of 5 functional covers that pairs with an integrated modular junction box base (TS4-S),a single retrofit/add-on base (TS4-R-S), or a dual retrofit/add-on base (TS4-R-S-Duo).

Delivery Time:

2 to 4 weeks

SMA TS4-R-S Module Technology DC Optimizer is a cost-effective system that fits into any PV module design, making it the right solution for every application. TS4-R-S ensures maximum energy yields and configuration flexibility; only fit the modules affected by partial shading or output loss.

Rated DC Input Power 475W
Max Input Voltage @ Lowest Temp 90V
Max. Continuous Input Current (IMAX) 12A
Maximum VOC @ STC 75V
Minimum VMP 16V

Output Power Range 0 - 475W
Output Voltage Range 0 - VOC
Impedance Matching Function - No
Output Voltage Limit - No
Maximum System Voltage - 1500V


• Module-level deactivation
• Automatic or manual shutdown
• Module-level monitoring capability
• Over-temperature protection
• Reduced O&M costs
• Module barcode tracking
• CRM integration
• Warranty
• Fleet management