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Solar Consultants for Residential, Commercial and Industrial sector in UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Asia, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

solar projet consultant

Power n Sun is a one stop shop for solar solutions, supplies and systems. We believe in reducing the cost of solar power (per Watt) and work towards making it affordable by developing a holistic understanding of available solar technologies, components and their installation, supported by required knowledge and experience.

As a solar consultant We are driven to put forward the significance of green energy and reduced carbon footprint, we work for the optimized solution, appropriate technology, energy yields, performance ratios, time, cost and quality dimension of solar projects, etc.


With an objective to maximize energy yield at least cost, we provide following services:

Solar Project Feasibility - Site Assessment & Shadow Analysis, Financial parameters, e.g. Energy Yield, performance ratios, ROI, NPV, IRR, etc, Leasing or owning, technology selection.

System Design and Review – Solar sizing, detailed designs, SLD, Schematics, LV & MV, EPC design.

Solar Contract Facilitation – We assist in finalizing solar contracts and tenders; drafting project performance criterion, Selection of EPC, due diligence, performance guarantees, Setting Bonds, Insurances, Liabilities, process compliance installation guidelines.

Solar Project Management & Supervision – Assisting approvals, project plans and Gantt charts procurement schedules, Finalizing BOQ, EPC management and site supervision.

Testing, Commissioning O&M Schedules – Commissioning support, system monitoring schemes, O&M plans, building management integration and trainings.



=> We are driven to put forward the significance of green energy and reduced carbon footprint. For queries or concerns, please contact us at +971 43686393 or mail us at info(at)powernsun.com .