Solar MD 14.3kWh Lithium ion Battery

The SS4143 relies on a Lithium Ion-Phosphate battery for streamlined energy storage. You can use 1 to 30 batteries on the wall during the setup. The Solar MD 14.3kWh features different storage capacities according to user requirements. We can incr...
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Solar MD specializes in Lithium-Ion battery storage for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications.

  • The SS4143 uses lithium iron phosphate cells for its streamlined energy storage.
  • The flexible modular design enables it to be set up with multiple batteries.
  • Capacity can be increased through a parallel connection of the batteries.
More Information

•  Residential PV Installations for household energy demands
•  Residential and commercial UPS systems
•  Used with the addition of an external battery inverter
•  OFF-GRID energy system
•  We use the standard SS4143 battery all over the African market for energy storage applications
•  We produce the battery with the world-leading LiFeP04 technology

Technical Specification

Cell chemistry - Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Cell manufacturer - CATL
Rated capacity - 14.3kWh
Nominal Power - 10.0kW
Usable Battery Energy @0.3C - 13.0kWh
Nominal Voltage - 51.2V
Number of battery modules - 1
Operational Voltage - 44.8 - 55.6Vdc
Communication - CANBUS / RS485
Charging Efficiency - 99%
Operational temperature - 0°C to +50°C
Storage duration - 6 months @25°C
Safety standard compliance - IEC 62619 / UN38.3 / UL1642
Cell certificate - TUV / CE / RCM / UL1642

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Features and advantages

Stable discharge platform
Excellent safety
Long life cycle
High temperature performance
High energy density
High charge and discharge rate
High efficiency
No pollution