Grid Solar Systems is the basic form of Solar Technology consisting of Photovoltaic Panels that operate with the help of utility power grid, to harness solar energy converting it into DC power. By connecting the On-Grid Solar Panels with an inverter or battery system, users can convert the DC power into AC, and even store excess energy for later use. This equipment is not only the simplest form of Photovoltaic Technology, but is also the most affordable of all types of solar solutions and is very easy to install.

On-Grid Solar Systems can be an excellent energy saving alternate for common households, that are self-sustaining and can reduce your monthly electricity bills into less than half. However, the flipside of this equipment is it can run out of power during a grid outage, especially when there are consecutive rainy days and the inverter runs of out of the power.

The Off-Grid Solar System is a standalone power supply system that functions entirely by harnessing sunlight and is capable to supply ample power throughout the year, within a limited range of area, such as a home, industrial facility, or small hotel. The system involves storing the solar energy in high capacity batteries and does not need to be connected with the electrical grid. This is the most powerful source of Renewable Solar Energy, that can meet all kinds of utility requirements, even during monsoon and snowfall with limited or no sunlight for days or weeks at an end. Off Grid Solar Systems promote the excellent possibilities of a complete self-sufficient green living and energy efficiency into normal households. However, even though Off-The-Grid Solar Systems can free you completely off the electricity in the long run, they are but a highly expensive initial investment.

Hybrid Solar Systems are the most flexible option of Photovoltaics, that merges the best features of on-grid/grid-tied and off-the-grid solar system, giving you the best of both worlds. With this system, people can use both Solar Power and Primary Energy, simultaneously. While users can able to reduce the consumption of biogas generated electricity, yet not face energy scarcity due to the limitations of battery capacity. They are more affordable as compared to off-the-grid systems, and also saves you from the cost of a backup generator, while you enjoy the maintenance support the electricity supplier at a reduced electricity bill at month-end.

With technologies like MPPT solar charge controllers, and Coupling Power technologies, giving way to wireless power supply, things are changing for the better in the field of Renewable Energy, paved by the brilliant resources of Photovoltaic systems. We, at Power n Sun is a one stop platform brings your state of the art Hybrid Solar Solutions manufactured by the world’s biggest innovators and brands. You can buy at both retail and B2B Wholesaling basis, by ordering directly via our e-commerce accessibility, or contact us directly.

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