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Studer Innotec

Distributor & Supplier of Studer Solar Equipment in UAE, KSA, South Asia, Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

Studer Innotec Solar Tools

Studer Innotec is a Swiss manufacturer of sophisticated off-grid solar equipments, with a significantly a strategic product catalogue including solar inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, battery monitors and other products, that facilitate an array of solutions ranging from Satellite Transmission, SNMP / Modbus and professional SCADA integration. You can find at Power n Sun, all the essential products, including the Xtender Series of flexible inverters and chargers, that can be controlled with automated functions, or the simple and powerful Compact series of a plug and play inverter/charger system that acts as an “all-in-one” solar hybrid system. Then we have the VarioTrack series of MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

All the mentioned products, along with a host of other accessories are available for B2B wholesaling, that can be bought via our B2B online shop, or direct calling/emailing to us at CALL: 971 4 3686393 | Email: info(at)powernsun.com. We deliver all regions in UAE, KSA, South Asia, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

Xtender Series

  • Xtender XTS
  • Xtender XTM
  • Xtender XTH

Variotrack Series

  • VarioTrack VT-65
  • VarioTrack VT-80

VarioString Systems

  • VarioString VS-120
  • VarioString VS-70

Compact Series


AJ - Sine Wave Inverters

  • AJ 275-400VA
  • AJ 500-700VA
  • AJ 1000-1300VA
  • AJ 2100-2400VA


  • JT8 Remote Control
  • External cooling fan (IP54) ECF-01
  • X-Connect Multi Xtender System
  • Communication Cable for multi-unit Systems
  • Battery Chargers, MBC Series 12-24V
  • DC/DC Converters MDC Series
  • DC/DC Converters, MDCI Series 12-24V
  • MOSFET Battery Splitters, MBI Series 12-24V
  • Battery Separators, MBR Series 12-24V
  • Battery Protection MBW Series 12-24V
  • Auxiliary relay module ARM-02
  • Communication module Xcom-SMS
  • Plug for Remote Control RCM
  • RCC-02 Remote Control and Programming Centre
  • RCC-03 Remote Control and Programming Centre
  • BTS-01 Battery Temperature Sensor
  • RCM-10 Remote Control Module
  • Battery Status Processor BSP
  • Communication module Xcom-232i
  • Communication set Xcom-GSM
  • Communication set Xcom-LAN
  • Battery Monitor, SBM-02 12-24V