Su-kam Ups Falcon Series 900Va/12v


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Su-kam Ups Falcon Series 900Va/12v.

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Su-kam Ups Falcon Series 900Va/12v, Falcon+ Can be sued as a solar inverter by using our unique product SOLARCON.Solarcon is an intelligent converter that when attached to the existing inverter and battery along with solar panles can help the user to reap benifits from the power of sun.

Falcon+ 900 / 12 V
Back-up Time in Hours(Below Back-up is calculated on above load options A,B,C Combination run Independently)
135 Ah - 2.1 Hours
150 Ah - 2.4 Hours
200 Ah - 3.2 Hours

Pure Sine Wave Output runs all your appliances efficiently and noiselessly.
Integellient thermal management system
Solar compatibility
Static By-Pass
Electronic Protection Updates
Battery Reversal Pole Protection
High Surge Load Handling Capability
Inbuilt Wrong Wire Connection Protection
Smart Overload & Short Circuit protection with 8 times auto retry.
Reverse current flow protection.