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Tm-I-4090 modul temperatur sensors; Item Code : 423017
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2 to 4 weeks

Tm-I-4090 modul temperatur sensors; Item Code : 423017

Power supply: 12…28 V DC
Current consumption: max. 25 mA
Sensor element: PPT 1000 Class A as per EN 60751
Measuring range: -40…+90 °C
Measurement uncertainty: ±1 K (at -40…+80 °C)
Output signal: 4...20 mA

Type: Current measurement
Gradient: 8.125
Offset: -72.5
Operating temperature: -40…+80 °C
Enclosure dimensions (W x H x D) : 64 x 58 x 34 mm

The module temperature sensor Tm-I-4090 is equipped with a stable aluminium housing and a
robust weatherproof cable. Due to the use of top quality components the sensor achieves very
high accuracy and is ideal for use in industrial and field environments.
The sensor gets shipped with a calibration protocol for the measuring amplifier.