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  •  What is the minimum equipment required for solar Inverter?
  • The basic equipment’s required to produce Electricity from Sun are Solar panel, Charge controller, Inverter & Battery.
  • How many Solar panels are required to produce electricity?
  • It depends upon your appliances use.
  • What could be the effects of Lightening on Inverter?
  • During rainy season lightening occurs. Since it produced high voltage due to that power product may damage. For the protection from it inverter having inbuilt device so no effects of lightening on Inverter.
  •  Why need Charge controller?
  • It is required for the charging of battery when required & reduce the reduce the current when battery gets full charge. It is also required for maintaining the battery health.

  •  What is PWM & MPPT charge controller?
  • PWM having normal 3stage charging (i.e. Bulk, Absorption & Float charging. MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) charge controller provides multistage charging and delivers more power to the battery by matching the battery voltage to the Solar panel voltage.

  • What is off grid Inverter?
  • This inverter is used to deliver power by battery & battery will charge by the solar panel only. This inverter is not connected with the utility power. 

  • What is Hybrid Inverter?
  • This inverter having both facility to charge the battery with solar panel and utility power. Also, having solar optimization technique, I. e. it will charge the battery from both source but priority would be solar first.

  • What is on grid (Grid tie) Inverter?
  • This type of inverter is two types. One is on grid inverter with battery & other is without battery. It is an inverter which converts DC (Solar power) power to AC power in day time if battery is not connected. But in day time the system produces how much electricity you can use the same as you require and remains electricity you can sold to the utility company and they will pay you for the electricity.

  • What is difference between sine wave & modified sine wave Inverter?


  • The sine wave inverter's output is same as utility power, but modified sine wave inverter’s output is not same as utility power.

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