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Solar Components

Power n Sun is One stop solar Solutions, Supplies and System company supporting residential, commercial and industrial installations for on-Grid, Off-Grid and PV diesel Hybrid systems in South Asia, Middle East and Africa region. We design, supply and supervise solar projects and support Solar installations with complete solar components; Solar Inverters, Pv modules, Balance of system and solar monitoring & control solutions with the objective of maximizing value and energy yield at the least cost.
We are Authorized and official partner of Sungrow, SolarEdge, SMA, Ingeteam, Goodwe, Schneider,Longi, JA Solar, REC Solar, Jollywood, LG Solar, Morningstar, Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, Deif, Aerocompact, Mibet Energy, Apar, etc. In association with our principle partners we conduct regular technical workshops, webinars and seminars.
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Engineering, Procurement & Project Management

We are driven by the cost, time and quality dimension of solar projects with an objective to maximize energy yield

Solar Supply Chain Managers

The solar projects are delivered better when time, cost and Quality dimensions of solar projects are managed well. The supply chain principles and practices when applied to solar projects give far reaching results in reducing overall project cost.,

On Grid Solar Solutions

Power n Sun offers a wide range of On-Grid Solar Solutions developed by industry leading brands. We deliver to both B2B and Retail customer base, in all locations across the Middle East, India and Africa.

Microgrid & Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid Solar Systems are the most flexible option of Photovoltaics, that merges the best features of on-grid/grid-tied and off-the-grid solar system, giving you the best of both worlds.


Do you know, more than 70% of solar project’s time and money is spent in making the solar components available to the site, in other words, it is the material management which drives the efficiency and cost of the solar projects. The objective is to address this effectively to shorten the solar project turnaround time by 25-30% and with the overall cost reduction of 3-5%, especially for roof top - commercial and industrial installations.
As an integrated solar project supplier, we work towards aligning demand chain with required visibility. We have created the BOQ templates for on-grid roof top systems up to 5 mw with their price and availability for next three running months to ensure that the projects are quoted in least possible time and with complete awareness on options, their prices and availability, in line of meeting the overall objective of reducing the project turnaround time and cost.We act as demand aggregators, clubbing up demand from the market with their schedules, aggregating them on real time basis, creating master plans for procurements and extend the benefits of ‘economies of scale’ to our customers.



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CEO's Message

Power n Sun was born out of an urge to spread the essence of sustainability around. And, to take it ahead, we are relentlessly designing, supplying and supervising solar projects of every scale and scope. Join us in our mission to promote the socio-economic benefits of solar power and let’s combat climate change together.


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