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We Sell Different Kind Of Solar Power System Products

Power n Sun is One stop solar Solution, Supplies and System company supporting residential, commercial and industrial installations for on-Grid, Off-Grid and PV diesel Hybrid systems in South Asia, Middle East and Africa region. We design, supply and supervise solar projects and support Solar EPCs with complete solar components; Solar Inverters, Pv modules, Balance of system and solar monitoring & control solutions and e.g. Structures, DC cables, Connectors, Combiner boxes, disconnectors, earthing equipment, etc.

We also manage supply chain of solar projects; Plan & manage the product and information flow across the chain with the objective of maximising value and energy yield at least cost.

We are Authorised and official partner of SMA, Sungrow, Ingeteam, Jinko, Trina, REC solar, Sun Power, Sharp solar, LG solar, Talesun, Meteo Control, Morning star, Studer, Tigo energy, Ilumen, S flex Philips, LG Chem, Tesvolt etc. Please Visit our website brand pages for further details. www.powernsun.com.

In association with our principle partners we conduct regular technical workshops, webinars and seminars. We are also a largest b2b e commerce platform of the region, dedicated to Solar business.

Welcome to Power n Sun

We are one stop solar solution, supplies and system company supporting residential, commercial and industrial installations for on-Grid, Off-Grid & PV diesel Hybrid solar systems. We design and supply the complete solar systems; Inverters, Pv modules and Balance of system, e.g. Structures, DC cables, Connectors, Combiner boxes, disconnectors, earthing equipment, solar monitoring and control solutions, etc.

We are Authorised and official partner of SMA, Sungrow, Ingeteam, Jinko, Trina, REC solar, Sun Power, Sharp, LG solar, Talesun, Meteo Control, Morning star, Tigo energy, Ilumen, S flex, Polycab Philips, etc. Please Visit our website for further details. www.powernsun.com.

We quote the complete BOQ on per Kw basis and our prices are best in the market due to the large volumes we turn around every month on the concept of demand aggregation. We will be happy to assist and support you in making your solar plans a reality at guaranteed prices, in shortest possible time and at best quality.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Products: Our solar powered product list is endless and each of them is designed to meet all your solar needs. We feature some of the best batteries, inverters, solar panels, generators, UPS, solar LED lights and much more. Get all of this at a wholesale rate.

Specialities: Do you know what makes us different from the rest? It is our sheer attempt to deliver solar powered products quickly, that too in bulk. Our efforts to reduce carbon footprints set us apart from the rest. Our clients also appreciate us for delivering smart power solutions.

Location: We are an integral part of Orange Group, distributing solar products to UAE, Egypt, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and other Middle Eastern countries. Now the remotest parts of these regions can stay safe and secure.

UPS And Batteries – A Complete Power Backup Solution

The UPS stock is unimaginable here. We proudly present you with Online UPS, line interactive UPS, Offline UPS, IT UPS, computer UPS, Double Conversion UPS, DSP-based UPS, high-frequency UPS, low-frequency UPS, transformer based UPS, without transformer UPS and much more.

You can also hunt for batteries like Gel battery, Absorbent Glass Mat Battery, Sealed Maintenance Battery, Flooded Battery, Deep Cycle Battery, Inverter Battery, UPS Battery, Power Bank, Power Storage, Lead Acid Battery, SLA Battery, Tubular Battery and Lithium Ion Battery from Power n Sun. Use them to cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

Conventional inverters with the power of operating electrical grids are also available here.

Off-Grid, On-Grid And Solar Hybrid Solutions - Mitigate Carbon Footprint

Smart power solutions such as Solar MPPT off-grid and on-grid solutions are available here. We churn out some of our valuable products such as an off-grid inverter, on grid inverter, grid tie inverter and hybrid inverters. Browse through them to get the ones of your choice at a wholesale rate.

Solar Combo Packs for a DIY Installation

In setting up small offices or at home, certain solar related products come handy. These are perfect combo packs with cables, combiner box and connectors in it.

Solar Panels to Bring You Financial Benefits

Our smart solar products can quickly reduce your electricity bills. Some of them that make life easier are PV panel, black colour panel, AMF panel, 60 cell panel, 96 cell panel, 72 cell panel and blue colour panel. We supply all of them at a wholesale rate to distributors in the Middle East and African region.

Solar Accessories to Keep You Equipped

Do you have all your solar accessories ready? You might need them any moment so fully equip yourself. We strive to make your life easier by supplying solar powered products such as PV connectors, PV combiner box, PV structure accessories, solar cables and net metering solution.

Solar Street Lights Illuminates the Darkest Of Lanes

Power n Sun is here to illuminate the darkest of lanes at a reasonable rate. We supply solar street lights to small and medium distributors. Use them to cut down accident rates without spending much on maintaining it. The best part about this lighting solution is that it outdoes the conventional ones.

Smart Power Solutions with: Solar Refrigerators and Solar Pumps

Are you running short of space at your residence and do not have adequate space for keeping a refrigerator? Power n Sun comes with a solution- Solar Refrigerators. Two most amazing features of it are digital temperature control and automatic turn off when experiencing low voltage.

We also supply Ultra Energy Saving Solar Freezer that works without any inverter. We successfully meet pump demands through the distribution of Shakti Pumps and DC solar pumps. Maintaining and operating them are comparatively easy.

Premium Quality Generators That Stand the Test of Time

Power n Sun hosts its solar generators to save you in situations like power outrage. Small and medium distributors can source from its startling collection of power generators, diesel generator, robust generator, 3 phase generator, single phase generator, silent generator, noiseless generator, Eicher generator, Volvo generator, oil cooled generator, standby generator, electronic generator, primary generator, commercial use generator, residential generator and industrial generator.

Avail the best generator at a low price from us. Stay assured that these would never compromise on quality.

Solar Surveillance System to Cut Down Crime Rates

The solar surveillance system of Power n Sun covers even the unrecognisable faults of costly security guards. These efficient systems constantly monitor construction sites, farmlands and storage yards. Remote locations are safe now with this effectual surveillance system.

Prominent Brands with Focus on Quality and Service

Have you ever imagined a distributor as big as Power n Sun? We are that gigantic distributor featuring some of the best solar powered products from renowned brands. Some of them include  Apar, K-Star, Ritar, Leoch, Pulsar, Polaris, BenQ, Helukabel, Su-Kam, Auo, Sma, Philips, Apar, Elmex and Gaston. We are a trustworthy online platform capable of meeting the needs of any and every distributor.


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