Lithium ion batteries in UAE

When traditional backup power systems are not so reliable and you couldn’t afford that, here is the latest technology with a cost-effective solution. Energy storage system powered by lithium ion battery in UAE! Load shedding has led to 10 billion loss among UAEns in the last 15 years. The recent development of Lithium Ion battery serves as the best option in improving the life cycle of the battery and it provides greater depth of discharge.

If the load-shedding forces are longer and demand more intervals, this pushes the batteries to work overtime.  However, this ends up impacting the life of batteries. The conventional lead acid batteries in the market are designed to fulfill this purpose. If they drained to below 50% charge, impacts will reflect in the performance and lifecycle. Lithium ion is a more flexible and affordable option here to meet the requirements. Power n Sun offers Lithium ion batteries which are superior to lead acid batteries in every aspect of countering load-shedding issues.  

What are lithium ion batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries which are also termed Li-ion batteries are very common in our daily applications. Right from mobile phones and laptops to hybrid & electric vehicles, the applications of a lithium ion battery are wide. Lithium-ion batteries comprise single or multiple lithium-ion cells and in addition, they come with a protective circuit board.

The following are the components, typically found in a lithium-ion cell:

  • Electrodes
  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Electrolyte
  • Separator
  • Current collectors

In general, Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are one among the group of rechargeable batteries with high energy density. They have their common use in consumer electronics. A typical lithium ion battery in UAE uses an intercalated lithium compound as its electrode, rather than metallic lithium.

Why is the lithium ion battery the best choice for your energy storage?

Compared with the traditional choice of a lead acid battery, lithium ion is relatively new to the market. Still, it is packed with a bundle of benefits that make the choice the best ever for your energy storage and worth the lithium ion battery price.

The true appeal of lithium ion batteries stands in their promise of improved efficiency and enhanced productivity. If you look at what is so special about our offering of lithium ion batteries, it would end up with their energy density. It is almost double of a NiCad battery. It means the half size of a lithium ion battery will give the same power. For those looking at the price in terms of the power/range, we would say lithium ion technology is a more favorable option.

Highlights of lithium ion batteries 

End load-shedding damage with a leading lithium ion battery supplier

Compared with other counterparts in the market such as lead acid batteries, safety, and functionality features are extreme with our lithium ion battery in UAE. 

Smaller and more powerful

Lithium ion batteries are light and small, but they are the most powerful choices in managing load shedding. Lithium-ion batteries can generate voltages as high as 3.2 to 3.7V, while it is 2.1V for lead-acid batteries. 

High energy density

High energy density is one of the major advantages that you get when you buy lithium ion battery. If you are looking to use devices that operate longer and consume more power, you need a battery with high energy density. Here is your best choice of lithium ion battery in UAE from Power n Sun.


You can bid bye to monitor water levels in the lead acid batteries. No more hassles of water needs with lithium ion batteries. So, the great result is reduced maintenance. In addition, engine maintenance is also reduced. This means you have a powerful solution without more effort of maintenance.

Low self-discharge rate

Compared with other types of rechargeable batteries, the self-discharge rate of lithium ion batteries is very low. It typically falls around 5% in the first 4 hours after being charged, however, it then falls to 1 or 2% per month.

Load characteristics

Lithium ion batteries are reasonably good choices for load characteristics. Before falling off as the last charge is being used, they offer constant 3.6 volts per cell.

Numerous choices of types

Power n Sun distributes various types of lithium batteries which could help in building the energy grid of the future. As one of the leading names among lithium ion battery distributors, we deal with various types of lithium ion batteries ideal for consumer mobile electronic equipment, power tools, electric vehicles, etc.

Quick charging

All it takes is a fraction of a time to recharge your lithium ion battery. The best part here is the charger can determine when the charging is complete. So, you have fast and quick charging. This means you put an end to the downtime of machines soon with our lithium ion battery in UAE.

Technical information on lithium ion batteries

  • Possess a nominal voltage of 3.2V as well as a capacity of 100 Ah
  • Long life. Remains for a minimum capacity of 80% even after the declared cycle life for the cell. It is around 10000 cycles for lithium ion batteries 
  • 150 watt-hours (WH) energy/kilogram (kg)
  • Affordable choice
  • Good low-temperature performance
  • High energy efficiency 
  • Good high-temperature performance
  • Best in efficiency and safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty from your date of purchase battery. 

Lithium ion battery vs. Lead acid battery

At Power n Sun, we know that when thinking about an energy supply choice, a common question that arises is whether to go for a lithium ion battery or a lead-acid battery. Here we list the general comparison which would reveal to you how a lithium ion battery in UAE is a preferred choice.

Operational Efficiency

Lead-acid batteries can discharge to 50-30%. But lithium-ion batteries are safe enough to handle up to 90%.


A lead-acid battery takes over 10 hours to charge. But on the other hand, lithium ion batteries hardly take 3 hours to charge. Yes, they are quick in charging and fulfill your demands in very little time.


Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries are impressive since they are lightweight and easy to handle. You can get the same or even more energy than the counterpart with lesser weight and size.

Energy and Range

The energy density of lead acid batteries is 50-90 Wh/L, while a lithium ion battery can achieve up to 125-600+ Wh/L


Since lithium ion batteries have been in the market for a while, the cost of a lithium ion battery in UAE is very affordable.  Hence, it emerges as a comparatively economical choice with a lead-acid battery.

Dyness Batteries 

Established in 2017, Dyness puts its core emphasis on the segments of battery system integration Research and Development, and manufacturing. The brand has the pride of holding an excellent team that has top-class industrial experts. The prime R&D department of the company is located in Yangzhou/Jiangsu Province. Additionally, there is one research center which is dedicated solely to battery material development in Xi’an/north-west China.

It is the rich experience of the members of the team having 100+ employees in the R&D sector helps in developing efficient battery energy storage systems. Dyness has the superiority of possessing 80+ patents with installations of around 120,000 residential ESS units all over the globe.  All the dyness batteries are highly reliable and they are compliant with international safety standards. Moreover, they have their TUV/CE/EN62619/UL1973/ IEC62040 certificates. This means, if you buy a lithium ion battery in UAE, you can be with complete peace of mind, as you have the best and most reliable product from a top brand.

Dyness batteries – Make a good choice among the popular load categories

Dyness Powerbox Lithium Ion Battery 200Ah

If you look for a LifePO4 chemistry battery that delivers you safe performance and a longer life cycle, then this is the more relevant model for you. For those seeking features like app monitoring, easy to install, high safety, and wide compatibility, with more than 6000 cycles, this model suits you well. This product is an optimal choice for Energy Storage systems (ESS), Home Energy Storage Systems (HESS), and Electrical Vehicles (EV). 


  • Nominal Battery – 10.24kw/h
  • Battery capacity – 200ah
  • Recommended Charge/Discharge – 0-50(.C)
  • Max.Charge/Discharge –   -20-55(.C)
  • Larger capacity base 10.24kWh per unit

Dyness A48100 Lithium ion battery Module

If a tailor-made solution for residential and commercial is in your thoughts, go for this product without any doubt. Suitable for both wall mount and floor, this model yields high efficiency. Furthermore, for lovers of economic design, this Dyness A48100 just fits into their requirements.


  • Temperature Range -20~500C
  • Nominal Battery – 4.8kw/h
  • Battery capacity – 48v
  • Larger capacity base 4.8kWh/unit expandable
  • Recommended Charge/Discharge – 50A
  • Max.Charge/Discharge – 75A
  • Life cycle – >6000 cycles

Besides the above offerings, we also have a range of solutions for every load category. Our vast portfolio can meet all the popular category requirements including 200ah-24/48V and 100Ah- 24/48V.

Regions we serve

Power n Sun specializes in delivering brilliant quality battery solutions to challenging power situations in Harare and other major cities of Zimbabwe. Also, we are capable of meeting the demands of efficient battery solutions in Maputo and other cities of Mozambique. In fact, we are a recognized global leader in the energy-generating and backup arenas. Our progress in the industry is quite obvious from our journey over these years and we are dedicated to serving the major regions of UAE and other parts of the world with the best energy products of now and the future.

Safe backup power from Power n Sun

We take pleasure in partnering with you for your power-back solutions. We are equipped with knowledgeable insights that help in determining the right solutions for your demands. While UAE is looking for a permanent solution to load-shedding, we contribute to managing the situation with the best alternative of a lithium ion battery in UAE. If you still have any doubts about whether a lithium ion battery is right for you, feel free to contact our experts.