Trina Solar Panels in UAE

Commenced in 1997, Trina Solar is a global leader in the arena of solar panels, solutions, and services. Being a recognized provider of smart solar energy solutions, Power n Sun is glad to partner with this pioneer to cater to the searches for a Trina solar panel in UAE. The company sustains its leadership in its industry through innovation, delivering brilliant quality products, a passion for improvising the environment, and a vertically integrated production model.

Holding over 1000 patents, Trina Solar has its services extended to more than 100 countries across the world. Trina Solar panels are widely installed in various sectors such as education, agriculture, federal, state, and local government sectors. With its headquarters situated in China, the company is best known for reliable, high-quality, and efficient solar PV modules.

Range of products from a Bankable brand – Tier 1 Trina solar panel supplier

Trina Solar offers a vast portfolio of solar panels including PERC solar modules, Bifacial solar modules, Monocrystalline solar modules, and Polycrystalline solar modules. The latest Vertex N solar panels from the brand are best realized for their applications in industrial, commercial, and utility-scale projects. For those looking at residential installations, Vertex S+ panels can be the right choice. 

With a power output ranging from 165W to 230W, there are various product ranges from the company. Thus, Power n Sun is among the best Trina solar panel distributors, capable of meeting varied market demands with a wide range of solar panels.

Solar panel dealers in UAE

Hunting for the best technology solar panels for your project? It is a promise from Power n Sun, to fulfill your demands. Look at our portfolio or contact us to buy Trina solar panel that exactly meets your requirements.

Monocrystalline module

Based on monocrystalline PERC technology, these first ultra-high power panels are designed to meet the demands of harsh environments including salt, sand, ammonia, high temperature, and high humidity areas. The high-density interconnect technology of mono modules enables achieving up to 21.6% module efficiency. The unique design of these mono Trina solar panels in UAE delivers optimized energy production under inter-row shading conditions.

Offerings under the Mono solar modules category

  • Trina Vertex Perc 540 Wp Solar Module
  • Trina Vertex Perc 550Wp Solar Module
  • Trina Vertex Perc 595Wp Solar Module
  • Trina Vertex Perc 600 Wp Solar Module
  • Trina Vertex Perc 655 Wp Solar Module
  • Trina Vertex Perc 660 Wp Solar Module
  • Trina Vertex Perc 670 Wp Solar Module

A look at Trina Vertex Perc 550Wp Solar Module

Best known for high customer value, this is the model well-known for reliability and high energy yield. Multi-busbar technology of these Mono solar modules series enables you to have a better light-trapping effect and lower series resistance.

Technical Specifications

  • High power up to 595W
  • Up to 21.2% module efficiency
  • Operational temperature -40~+850C
  • Maximum System Voltage – 1500V DC (IEC)
  • 1500V DC (UL)
  • Max Series Fuse Rating 30A


  • 12-year Product Workmanship Warranty
  • 25-year Power Warranty

Bifacial Solar panel

The solar cells of Trina Solar’s bifacial solar modules are capable of capturing sunlight on both sides of the panels. So, they can yield up to 25% more energy production compared with traditional solar panels. Coming to you with the most advanced dual-glass modules multi busbar (MBB) and half-cut cell technologies, these panels are best known for higher energy generation performance.

The Trina solar panel in UAE of bifacial technology is best designed for compatibility which is enabled by existing mainstream system components.

Products from the catalog

  • Trina Vertex Perc 670Wp Bifacial Solar Module

A look at Trina Vertex Perc 670Wp Bifacial Solar Module

Having high power of up to 680W, this series from Trina gives the best benefits of lower LCOE, reduced BOS cost, and shorter payback time. High reliability is assured with this model which is ensured with innovative non-destructive cutting technology.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum power output – 680W
  • Positive power tolerance – 0~+5W
  • Maximum efficiency – 21.9%
  • Lower temperature coefficient -0.30%
  • Operational Temperature -40~+850C
  • 1500V DC (IEC) is the Maximum System Voltage 
  • Max Series Fuse Rating 35A


  • 12-year Product Workmanship 
  • 30-year Power Warranty

Bifacial solar panels – How the technology works?

Bifacial solar panels are an exciting and innovative trend in the solar market. As the name indicates, these panels can function on either side. This means, in addition to capturing the sun’s radiation on the front side (like standard modules), they also absorb radiation from the sun on the backside. The double-sided nature of these bifacial modules produces electricity from the direct sunshine as well as from the reflected light from under the panels. So, compared with the same number of solar panels, a bifacial Trina solar panel in UAE can generate more electricity.

Benefits of bifacial solar panels

  • Compared with monofacial panels, lesser number of bifacial solar panels can produce more energy
  • Gives you a 27% energy yield compared to previous versions
  • Not tampers with the aesthetics
  • Performance of the panels is independent of their installation angle
  • Since more power is generated, associated costs are reduced. So Trina solar panel price is worth the investment with the added benefit of a smaller array footprint.

Regions we serve

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We are widely appreciated for our economically viable eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner world. We pledge to deliver the highest standard products and this makes us one of the most reliable names among the solar dealers in Johannesburg. Also, we have acquired the honor of a prominent solar seller in Johannesburg.