Home UPS in UAE

Imagine you are in a crucial work activity or studying for an exam or watching your favorite program. A power cut could bring a crisis here, and it is major right? For the seamless energy transition and to restore electricity when there is a power cut, home UPS is the best answer. 

So, if you have been looking for an uninterrupted power supply and saving yourself from regular power outages, buying a home ups system is the viable choice. At PowernSun, we know what makes a quality UPS solution for home users. Hence, we deal with the top brand Smarten and offer you a range of products that safely power and safeguard your home electronics, including 1500VA 12V, 2500VA 24V, and more…

What is the purpose of a UPS?

All probably seems well in a home, until there is a loss of power. Lights go out, appliances stop functioning, you fall into the dark, can’t operate your PC, find difficulty in the internet connection, and halting of important devices puts you in worry. Here a UPS can be a lifesaver and it allows you to continue working with the desired devices/appliances for a certain period. With the right ups power supply, you save the devices from numerous power-related issues. 

Being in a technologically evolving world, UPS systems help to be prepared to face any power cut problems. A UPS or uninterruptible power supply is an improved battery system that can activate itself and serve as the primary source during a power disruption. It protects the devices against power irregularities, energy surges, spikes, and fluctuations.

The core purpose of a UPS battery is to maintain consistent power levels and avoid fluctuations that could potentially harm an electronic device. Even a small interruption can bring harmful sequences to devices. A clever move is to use an ups battery backup and enable it to run the systems normally and compensate for the power reduction.

For those looking to have ample levels of electricity backup and have a solution during a sudden power cut, Power n Sun is the perfect spot. As a leading home ups power supply supplier in UAE, our portfolio is filled with top-quality Smarten home ups power supply, which is certainly the first choice for every home user.

Load shedding in UAE

If the demand for electricity exceeds the supply, it often ends up in planned electricity interruptions, which is referred to as load shedding. When compared to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, UAE holds huge rates of electricity connections. Recently UAE is facing increased demand for electricity and this has forced load shedding in the country. The inefficiency to meet demand causes the scheduling of blackouts. 

The unplanned and unpredictable power outages push the homeowners to be affected in various ways, where the power cuts last for hours, even for days, in some cases. The accumulative load-shedding hours 2022 during the first seven months of 2022 have exceeded the overall record in 2021. Considering the existing situation, total load-shedding hours for the current year may surpass 100 days.

 The situation reports insufficient energy capacity and for the persistent load shedding, home ups power supply is the very relevant solution. As one of the authorized Smarten home ups power supply distributors in UAE, we help in reducing the threats of load shedding for UAEns with a range of household UPS systems.

Home UPS in Beating Against The Load-Shedding Problem

Since UAEns are observing significant hours of powerlessness, it is an excellent idea to beat load shedding by buying an ups battery backup. Keep the lights and appliances ON and continue the essential activities in the event of a power failure. With the ongoing challenge of load shedding in UAE that affects the daily lives of people, the best power alternative is a home UPS power supply.

When it comes to mitigating the impact on daily lives when the power goes off, the simple and fast solution is to buy home ups power supply. It is the easiest solution ever to plug and play a UPS that comes with a battery and a charge controller. An important challenge that every household faces during the power off is surge protection of equipment.  And it is made possible with an ups inverter. The battery of the system has sufficient capacity to run devices and let you have active connections during an extended power outage. 

Home UPS as a Budget solution

Whether you look to keep the essential home appliances ON or keep your computer or TV running or need an uninterrupted WIFI against power cuts, home UPS power supply is a very affordable choice. Power outage is not a new challenge and in such a scenario, UPS appears to be an important piece of equipment to protect your electronic devices. Our pure sine wave home UPS systems can provide you with the best backup power supply after a sudden power loss. The best deals of budget-friendly and home UPS power supply price within your range make sure that you don’t struggle against sudden power failures.

With the predictions of load shedding and power cuts on the rise, and questions arising over the reliability of power, it is good to ensure that you get the perfect solution – Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A life that is free from the unpredictability of electricity supply is not going to be a tough task when you have our Smarten home ups power supply in place. 

Get the right peace of mind along with additional uptime and less loss with our range of home ups systems.