PnS 198Lt. 12V/24V DC Refrigerator Energy saving


*Price mentioned here as per Ex. w/h, Jebel Ali, Dubai and exclusive of shipping cost. We will update you the shipping cost as we proceed with your order.


PnS Energy saving solar Refrigerator come complete with baskets for easy loading and unloading.

  • Technology: Mono PERC
  • Cells: 120
  • Power Bin(Wp): 12V/24V DC
  • Efficiency: 95.80%
  • Power phase: 3 - Phase
  • Product Type: Refrigerator

Delivery Time:

2 to 4 Weeks

  • ■ Automatically turns off when low battery voltage detected.
  • ■ Environmentally-friendly refrigerant R134a.
  • ■ Bright lamp inside with soft light.
  • ■ Security lock.
  • ■ Adjustable steel wire shelves.
  • ■ Double-glazed door, for good display effect.
  • ■ Door supporting trolley facilitates placing and moving
  • ■ Connects directly with DC power source e.g. battery & solar panels.
  • ■ May relate to AC power through an AC/DC adapter.
  • ■ High energy saving and low temperature loss design.


The wire management solution, used for string wiring the rows, is now UL-certified and available as accessory.

• CF:x Aluminium clamp (AL-alloy) for snap lock seams

• CF:x Aluminium clamp (AL-alloy) for snap lock seams(TMM08) with preassembled short-rail (TS08) to con-nect the X-rail system (X40/X50)

• Rail cross connector (XDL) for X40/X50

• X-rail 40mm (X40)

• Aerocompact click-module clamp for PV racking(CLE10/CLM10).