Longi Hi MO 6 Solar Panels

Longi Hi MO 6 Solar Panels

Launching High-Efficiency Longi Hi MO 6 Solar Panels To The Global Market

The leading and largest solar panel manufacturer Longi has introduced its latest generation of Hi-MO 6 modules. These longi Hi MO 6 solar panels are exclusively designed to meet the needs of distributed generation (DG) and rooftop markets.

Unveiling of high-efficiency Longi Hi MO 6 solar panels – what to know

Recently the top solar manufacturer in China has progressed with its great step of improved product lineup – Hi-MO 6. These panels embrace an innovative technology HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact). This is an advanced and innovative high-efficiency solar cell technology that has its distinctiveness in its front-side busbar-free design. With this new technology, the light absorption of the cells can be considerably improved. This in turn accelerates the photoelectric conversion capabilities by modifying the internal structure of the cells. The ultimate result is increased output power from the solar panels.

Looking into the longi Hi MO 6 datasheet, it is clear that these panels can achieve maximum efficiency of 22.81% for mass production. It is very obvious that this competitive solar technology which caters to diverse clients makes Longi a step ahead in its niche.

Improved power generation efficiency in the UAE market

Longi has well understood that the MENA energy market is the most massive market in the world. The special launch of these exclusive HI MO 6 longi panels in Dubai took place at Caesars Palace, Dubai on 10th November 2022. These specific modules designed to fulfill the global distributed consumer market are assured of their aesthetics, superior efficiency, and safety by the brand.

During the launching event, the President of LONGi MEA&CA, Jia Chao said that they deliver the power of the new generation from Longi to those who really need it. With its in-depth insight into the demands of energy consumers, Longi has come up with this innovative series that perfectly combines the best of efficiency with architectural aesthetics. This product family retains a standard M10 size (182mm).

Empower The Intelligent Future With A Leading Longi Panel Distributor

As an established longi panel wholesaler, Powernsun supplies panels that reliably power the needs of varied segments such as residential, industrial, and commercial. We always align ourselves with the latest innovations and technologies. This HI MO 6 longi panels stock in our portfolio is evidence of that. We know that you are passionate about reaping the best possible performance from your solar system with these high-efficiency panels. Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and fulfill exactly what you need. We are highly capable of meeting all your needs such as the latest Hi-Mo 6 & Hi-Mo 5 series and longi solar panels 450w and more.

Explore abundant energy with Hi-MO 6 – complete Hi-MO 6 Explorer series

Hi-Mo LR5-72HTH -560M

These unique high-efficiency HPBC cells from Longi are sure to set new benchmarks in solar technology. By delivering them at a very affordable longi panel price, Powernsun stands by its commitment to offering excellence within your range.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum power – 560 Wp
  • Voltage at Maximum Power – 43.46 V
  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 418 Wp
  • Panel Efficiency – 21.7 %
  • Power Tolerance (Positive) – + 3 %
  • Operational temperature – -40~85 °C
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Dimensional values (H/W/D) – 2278x1134x35 mm

Hi-Mo LR5-72HTH 565M

Best suitable for distributed projects, these new longi panels offer you an excellent 15-year warranty for materials and processing and a 25-year warranty for extra linear output. Since you buy from Powernsun who holds the name of a reputed longi panel wholesaler, you are ensured of the reliability of the panels.

 Technical Specifications

  • Maximum power – 565 Wp
  • Voltage at Maximum Power – 43.61 V
  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 422 Wp
  • Panel Efficiency – 21.9 %
  • Power Tolerance (Positive) – + 3 %
  • Operational temperature – -40~85 °C
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Dimensional values (H/W/D) – 2278x1134x35 mm

Hi-Mo LR5-72HTH 570M

These series of longi panels from the brand redefine the aesthetic concept of solar panels. Known for outstanding performance, they greatly improve the power generation capacity.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum power – 570 Wp
  • Voltage at Maximum Power – 43.76 V
  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 426Wp
  • Panel Efficiency – 22.1 %
  • Power Tolerance (Positive) – + 3 %
  • Operational temperature – -40~85 °C
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Dimensional values (H/W/D) – 2278x1134x35 mm

 Hi-Mo LR5-72HTH 575M

The adoption of full-back welding technology significantly improves the resistance to microcracking of modules. Thus these modules from your favored longi panel supplier possess high quality and long-term reliability.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum power – 575 Wp
  • Voltage at Maximum Power – 43.91 V
  • Maximum Power (Pmax) – 430Wp
  • Panel Efficiency – 22.3 %
  • Power Tolerance (Positive) – + 3 %
  • Operational temperature – -40~85 °C
  • Weight – 27.5 kg
  • Dimensional values (H/W/D) – 2278x1134x35 mm

Highlights of Hi-Mo 6 solar panels – What makes them far good than HI-Mo 5

This new generation of HPBC cell technology solar panels has created a new era in the mass production of high-efficiency cells. The notable point with these solar panels is their efficiency exceeds 25%. Moreover, the PRO version of HPBC cells goes beyond 25.3%.

  • Longi Hi-MO 5 solar module series targeted ultra-large power plants. But the new series of Hi-MO 5 targeted the entire distributed generation (DG) market.
  • Compared with the maximum efficiency of 21.1% that you can get from HI-MO 5, the efficiency that the HI-MO 6 series gives you is beyond 25%.
  • Packed with different cell structures that incorporate black contact, anti-reflection technology, and contact passivation.
  • The innovative technology of the series allows the modules to reach a new level of efficiency and installation capacity.
  • Capable of offering improved power generation in all aspects such as light absorption, and efficiency, it performs well under high temperatures and low irradiance conditions. And has less power degradation.
  • Lower linear degradation makes sure to sustain high-efficiency power generation in its entire life cycle.
  • The employment of back contact welding technology in the Hi-Mo 6 series improves reliability and makes the panels resistant to cracking.

Make the most of these latest longi series from Powernsun which is at the forefront of building a clean energy world.


Establishes new benchmarks in the solar market with its innovative and high-efficiency HPBC cell structure. A perfect blend of aesthetics and reliability.


Being better at what we do is our motto and this pushes us to accelerate the energy world with the utmost performance possible.


Experience the best of an intelligent energy future. A smarter way to a self-reliant world with the equipped optimizer, rapid shutdown, and improved capability.


Next-generation artistic innovation is within your reach. Add a splash of color along with a unique combination of art and technology.

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