The Solar Show KSA 2023, Riyadh🇸🇦

The Solar Show KSA 2023, Riyadh🇸🇦

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  • November 3, 2023

The event saw Powernsun’s commitment to advancing clean energy solutions in the Middle East with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Strengthening Collaborations with JA Solar

During the Future Energy Show KSA 2023, JA Solar and Powernsun marked another milestone by signing a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Jack Zhang, JA Solar’s Regional Head of the Middle East market and Mr.LK Verma, Managing Director of Powernsun, formalized the partnership with contracts that reflect the growing collaboration between the two entities.

Mr. LK Verma expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, citing JA Solar’s outstanding results in the global PV market. He highlighted the mutual goal of achieving 500MW soon and the collective commitment to promoting clean energy in the region. Jack Zhang, JA Solar Regional Head, expressed gratitude for PNS’s support and anticipated further success in promoting carbon neutrality through their collaborative efforts.

Renewed Collaboration with Longi for Energy Transition

In line with supporting the energy transition in the Middle East and North Africa, Longi and Powernsun have renewed their collaboration. A memorandum of understanding was signed during the Solar Show & Future Energy Show KSA, reflecting the commitment of both companies to provide the latest photovoltaic panel technologies to the Middle East market.

Embracing Saudi Vision 2030

Mr. L.K. Verma, Managing Director of Powernsun, remarked on the significance of Saudi Vision 2030 during the event. He expressed admiration for the government program’s goal of increased economic, social, and cultural diversification, emphasizing its three main pillars. Mr. Verma highlighted the potential for Powernsun to contribute to the vision by leveraging its expertise and collaboration with leading solar technology providers.