Everything You Need To Know About Longi Hi-Mo X6


Everything You Need To Know About Longi Hi-Mo X6

The new generation HPBC cell technology from the globally leading Longi opens up an innovative chapter in producing high volumes of high-efficiency cells. These latest technology solar panels are sure to bring revolution to the industry. Blended with stunning aesthetics and high efficiency, these panels are perfect for distributed generation and rooftop purposes.

This blog will get you all the essential information on LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 photovoltaic modules.

LONGI HI MO X6 - Revolutionary Photovoltaic Panels

The high-efficiency solar panels are the key to attaining a sustainable energy transition. Already the HiMO series of longi solar modules have acquired their first class ranking in terms of energy yield performance. Longi’s HiMO series is well-known for its long-term strong performance and is truly reflected in its superior design and high life cycle qualities.

The pioneering and revolutionary launch of the Hi-MO 6 product family comes with an array of choices. This ensures that these panels can cater to diverse global needs, building a new green energy experience.

Hi-MO X6 Product Family

Hi-MO X6 comes in the standard M10 size (182mm). They are available in 72C, 66C, 60C, and 54C types.

LONGi, the world’s leading solar technology manufacturer, introduced the innovative Hi-MO 6 series in November 2022. They are the first modules specifically designed for the globally distributed consumer market. These modules embrace high-efficiency HPBC cell technology. HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) is a new generation technology that has a unique front-side busbar-free design.

The Longi Hi-MO X6 series comes with the characteristics of aesthetics, reliability, efficiency, and intelligence. This latest technology is capable of significantly improving features such as light absorption and photoelectric conversion of solar cells, resulting in increased module output power.

Based on the application scenarios and functional characteristics of the product, the series is divided into:

  1. Explorer
  2. Scientist
  3. Guardian
  4. Artist


This is the classic panels series, yet integrated with revolutionary updates. This is the base version of the longi HI-MO X6 series. The unique high-efficiency HPBC cell structure of the series sets a benchmark for solar technology.

Core advantages:

  • High-efficiency Cells – higher than 25.5%
  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Improved power generation
  • Improved resistance to microcracking of modules
  • 15-years product warranty and 25-years Power warranty


This series of longi HI-MO X6 lets you take the step towards an energy-efficient world with its ultra-high performance.

Core benefits

  • Prime Efficiency higher than 25.8%
  • full back welding technology for improved resistance
  • Extended Warranty for enhanced reliability
  • Aesthetically appealing


This series powers you to explore an intelligent future where the panels are integrated with an optimizer that delivers a smart life.

Core Advantages

  • Intelligent Monitoring and real-time data analysis
  • Rapid Shutdown for the safety of both personal and property
  • Real-time Optimization for maximized output
  • Flexible Design for improved power station capacity.


This artistic innovation series will power a colourful energy life. It is a brilliant amalgamation of art and technology.

Core Advantages

  • Embellished colors with eye-catching designs.
  • Ideal for landmark buildings and industry benchmark projects

Highlights of LONGI HI MO X6 Series

Know the key features that accentuate the uniqueness of the product

LONGi has upgraded its brand’s distributed products – Hi-MO X6. This demonstrates the commitment of the brand towards enhancing the global user experiences. The product team at longi has relentlessly worked for more than 2 years and the end result is a customized solution for the distributed market. The series is the best blend of maximum safety, ultimate efficiency and seamless architectural aesthetics.

Looking into the market perspective, and the emerging demand of industrial, and commercial customers, the pursuit of module efficiency becomes very important. The launch of Hi-MO X6 from longi is an outstanding result of technological innovation and market demand.

When compared with the previous HI-MO 6 series, Hi-MO X6 has been greatly upgraded in terms of performance, appearance, reliability and intelligent optimization. The cells are integrated with the latest HPBC technology for high efficiency. Hi-MO X6 simplifies the complexity of the Hi-mo 6 modules and has redefined the aesthetic feature of photovoltaic modules. Hi-MO X6 series shows significant improvement in the photoelectric conversion capacity of the modules than the previous versions through comprehensive optimization. The HPBC cell of the series adopts full-back welding technology and effectively improves the resistance to micro cracking of modules.

The pre-made optimizer of Hi-MO X6 enables the modules to perform active safety and ensure intelligent optimization. The new anti-dust accumulation design improves notable power generation yield than older versions and thus reduces cleaning frequency and avoids cost.

Compared to other modules, Hi-MO X6 demonstrates a considerable improvement in power generation capabilities.

Higher efficiency

The standard version of LONGi HPBC cells’ efficiency exceeds 25.5%. The efficiency of the PRO version of the HPBC cells (HPBC+) goes beyond 25.8%. Hi-MO X6 modules have proved their significant power generation capabilities. When compared with conventional PERC products, the power generation of the series is expected to increase up to 6-10%.

Having a maximum module efficiency of 23.3%, the product series has carved a new value in the global distributed market.

Maximum performance

The series is built upon high-efficiency HPBC cell technology. The design features a frontal busbar-free one, which helps in maximizing the utilization of incident light. This is useful in accomplishing reduced optical losses, improved conversion efficiency and finally optimized LCOE. 


Thanks to HPBC technology, Longi Hi-MO X6 panels are integrated with a single back contact welding structure. This assists in reducing the risk of cell cracking. So, the panels are highly resistant to damages that are caused by external factors such as rain, sun and the wind. Hence, these photovoltaic panels will continue to shine in terms of reliability and have a longer life.

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Longi has been equipped with the mission of building a greener world by making the best of solar energy. Powernsun, along with this leading solar technology company, Longi ensures that every installer gets a perfectly tailored experience and avails the best performance for your solar system. Get the best forming and maximum efficiency Longi Hi-mo X6 series panels from the leading longi solar panel supplier today and promote a greener future.

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