5.5kw off grid solar system

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Polaris 5.5kw off-grid solar system for home is best suited for small houses with electrical load up to upto3kw. Jinergy 315-watt solar panels for home are made with the latest mono-crystalline solar technology.

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Polaris 5.5kw (5670 Watts) solar rooftop system can easily generate approximately 25-27 units/day and hence total 750-810 units/month. The Polaris 5.5KW/48VDC with solar power 5670 KW, 5.5KWHr for 3 hours battery backup. This is a DIY (do it yourself) installation kit and the consumer can install the solar rooftop system by himself.

This 5500W 24V, solar off-grid kit includes the following components:

Polaris off grid 5.5KW/48VDC – 1

Jinergy 315Wp PV Modules – 18

Platina Batteries 12V/200AH – 12

Apar Solar Dc cable 4 Sqmm Red and Black – 100 metre


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