Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3

In the world of renewable energy, solar power has gained significant popularity due to its sustainability and cost-effectiveness. As more and more businesses and households turn to solar energy, the demand for efficient and reliable solar inverters has increased. One such inverter that has been making waves in the industry is the Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3.

The Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3 are developed to be perfectly compatible with 182/210mm wafer-based PV modules which are frequently the model of choice in large-scale commercial, industry, and residential PV systems. 3 independent MPP trackers with up to 40A rated input current per MPPT enables dual unit installation with more flexibility for high power, bi-facial and large area PV modules. A wide MPPT range with 150% oversizing of PV array ensures high energy yield.

Overview of Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter

The Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3, is a state-of-the-art device designed to convert the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used to power electrical appliances and feed excess energy back into the grid. This on-grid inverter is specifically built for large-scale commercial and industrial solar installations.

Key Features of ASW25K-LT G3

The ASW25K-LT G3 comes with a host of features that make it an excellent choice for solar power systems. Some of its key features include:

High Efficiency

The ASW25K-LT G3 boasts an impressive conversion efficiency, ensuring that a maximum amount of solar energy is harnessed and utilized. This efficiency results in higher electricity generation and reduced energy wastage.

Three-Phase Output

With its three-phase output, the ASW25K-LT G3 is ideal for commercial and industrial applications that require a stable and reliable power supply. It enables seamless integration with three-phase electrical systems, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.

Wide Input Voltage Range

The inverter’s wide input voltage range allows it to accommodate various solar panel configurations, providing flexibility during installation. This feature ensures optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions or partial shading scenarios.


Robust Design

Built with durability in mind, the ASW25K-LT G3 is constructed using high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques. It is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

The ASW25K-LT G3 is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and control features, empowering users to monitor their solar power system’s performance in real-time. Through user-friendly interfaces, such as mobile apps or web portals, users can access detailed data on energy production, system status, and troubleshoot any issues remotely.

Benefits of Using Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter

Using the Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3, offers numerous benefits for solar power system owners and operators. Some of the key advantages include:

Cost Savings

By efficiently converting solar energy into usable electricity, the ASW25K-LT G3 helps reduce reliance on traditional grid power, resulting in substantial cost savings on electricity bills. The inverter’s high efficiency ensures maximum utilization of the available solar resources, maximizing the return on investment.

Grid-Friendly Operation

The ASW25K-LT G3 is designed to operate seamlessly with the electrical grid. It meets strict grid interconnection standards and regulations, ensuring that the excess energy produced by the solar power system is smoothly fed back into the grid. This grid-friendly operation enables the system owner to benefit from net metering or feed-in tariffs, further enhancing the financial returns.

Environmental Sustainability

As a clean and renewable energy solution, solar power contributes to a greener and more sustainable future. By choosing the Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid solar Inverter, individuals and businesses can actively reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship. The ASW25K-LT G3’s high efficiency and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for those committed to sustainable energy practices.

Applications of ASW25K-LT G3

The ASW25K-LT G3 is suitable for various applications, ranging from large commercial buildings to industrial facilities. Some common applications include:

Commercial Buildings

The inverter can power office complexes, shopping malls, hotels, and other commercial buildings, helping reduce energy costs and dependence on the grid.


Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial complexes can benefit from the ASW25K-LT G3’s reliable power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reducing energy expenses.

Solar Farms

For utility-scale solar farms, the ASW25K-LT G3 is an ideal choice due to its high efficiency, robust design, and ability to integrate with smart grid systems.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3, should be carried out by certified professionals to ensure proper setup and operation. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the inverter. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and schedule routine inspections and servicing by trained technicians.

Integration with Smart Grid Systems

The ASW25K-LT G3 can be seamlessly integrated with smart grid systems, enabling advanced functionalities and grid management. It supports bidirectional communication, allowing users to participate in demand response programs, grid balancing, and other energy management initiatives.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

To maximize energy efficiency when using the ASW25K-LT G3, it is recommended to consider factors such as proper sizing of the solar power system, selecting high-quality solar panels, and optimizing the system’s orientation and tilt angle. Regular monitoring of the system’s performance and addressing any issues promptly can also help improve energy efficiency.

Warranty and Support

The Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3, is backed by a comprehensive warranty provided by the manufacturer. It is essential to review the warranty terms and conditions, including the coverage period and any applicable limitations. Additionally, reputable suppliers and installers often offer ongoing technical support and assistance to address any inquiries or concerns.


The Solplanet 25KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter, ASW25K-LT G3, offers a reliable and efficient solution for large-scale solar power installations. With its advanced features, high conversion efficiency, and seamless integration with smart grid systems, it is well-suited for commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications. By harnessing the power of solar energy and utilizing the ASW25K-LT G3, individuals and businesses can enjoy cost savings, grid independence, and contribute to a sustainable

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Weight 13.5 kg
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