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Powernsun is specialized in supplying top-notch solar inverters for residential, industrial, and commercial purposes. We are the leading brand in major parts of the world. Over these years in the segment of distribution of solar products, we are proud that we have achieved remarkable numbers of satisfied customer base. Along with a vast catalog of solar inverters combined with rich expertise and renowned brands for solar products, Powernsun is the bankable brand that you can count on for your requirements for solar inverters.

With everyone around the world looking to produce their own energy, the necessity of an efficient solar inverter for generating solar power can’t be ignored. On having this best understanding, Powernsun offers a wide range of solar inverters that are applicable for broader applications. And the great part is we get you covered at a very competitive solar inverter price in UAE.

Your Best Source For Inverters – Reliable Name For Worldwide Solar Installations

Powernsun focuses on the unique needs of customers. Hence we partner with brands that are highly dependable and known for top-quality solar inverters.  We are capable of supplying different types of solar inverters suiting diverse applications. We have the potential of catering world-class quality inverters to the main regions of UAE which include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ghayathi, Kalba, Dibba, Fujairah, Al Gharbia, and more.

Let us know your solar project requirements. Powernsun as the leading distributor for solar inverter in UAE is right here with you every step of the way to generate your own energy.

Powernsun offers you a comprehensive solution for your solar system needs. We have stocked up the latest solar inverters from brands that have worldwide popularity. Explore all our offerings to know how we can cover your entire solar project requirements. With an upfront solar inverter price in Dubai, it is no more a hassle to buy your desired inverter.

Powernsun Partners With These Trusted Brands For Solar Inverters


  1. DEYE

Started in 2007, Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Deye Group. The brand commenced with a registered capital of 30 million USD and now it has become an inevitable player in the global solar inverter market. In order to offer reliable and efficient products, the company commits itself to investing in innovative technologies and emphasizes strong R & D.

Powernsun’s goal is to deliver optimal solutions at an affordable solar inverter price UAE. Our partnership with DEYE proves that we are an ideal place for next-generation solar inverters.

When compared with common synchronized pulse-width modulation (SPWM), DEYE with its three-level topology and improved SVPWM algorithm helps in achieving enhanced conversion efficiency by 0.7%.

With different ranges of solar inverters in Dubai available at Powersun, you can pick the one that suits your project needs.

  1. DEYE 3Kw 1P On-Grid Inverter


The innovative design of this series of inverters is also bagged with easy and quick installation as they weigh just around 4.8 Kg. As you can choose the desired settings quickly with an integrated user interface, commissioning also becomes equally hassle-free. With a smart monitoring feature, you can remotely shut down the system when there is any need.

Looking to avail the best solar inverter price in Dubai on this series? Powernsun can offer you.

Technical Specifications

  • DC Input Power(kW) – 3.9
  • DC Input Voltage (V) – 550
  • MPPT Operating Range(V)  – 70-500
  • Rated Output Power(kW) – 3
  • Operating Phase – Single Phase
  • Maximum Efficiency – 97.5%
  • Warranty – 5 Years
  1. Deye 1-Phase Hybrid inverter


Best suitable for residential and commercial use (light applications), this series of solar inverter UAE from DEYE enriches your energy independence. The diesel generator charges the battery and thus ensures the blackout doesn’t interrupt the flow of supply. The solar system’s operation and maintenance become much easier as you have a smart monitoring platform.

Technical Specifications

  • DC Input Power(W) – 4680
  • DC Input Voltage (V) – 370
  • MPPT Operating Range(V)  – 150-425
  • Rated Output Power(kW) – 3.6
  • Grid Type – Single Phase
  • Maximum Efficiency – 97.60%
  • Weight – 20.5 Kg
  • Warranty – 5 Years
  1. INVT

Established in 2002, INVT Solar Technology is a professional manufacturer of solar inverters. The company majorly deals with solar inverter solutions and energy storage systems which are widely applicable for residential, industrial, and commercial needs. The major range of solar inverters from the brand covers inverter solutions such as on-grid inverters (1-136kW), energy storage inverters (3-630kW), off-grid inverters (3-5kW), the energy storage inverter, and pump inverters.

Have a glance into our portfolio for varied ranges of solar inverters offered at the affordable inverter price in UAE.

The inverters from INVT are exported to over 60 countries that include Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

  1. INVT 12Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter


If you are looking to buy an efficient and reliable solar inverter from among the leading solar inverter suppliers in Dubai, Powernsun is your platform. We offer you this series of on-grid inverters that come with a compact design and the latest features.

For anyone seeking cost-effective solar power production, these inverter offerings are the right choice. Having a maximum output power of 12 kW, these three-phase on-grid solar inverters offer you IP 65 protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Power – 19.2 kW
  • Input Voltage – 1100 V
  • Rated Input Voltage – 600 V
  • Rated Output Power – 12 kW
  • Operating Temperature is 25° C ~ +60° C
  • Efficiency – 98.70%
  • Dimensional values in mm – 430 x 380 x 150
  • Weight – 13.5kg
  • Warranty – A standard warranty of 5 Years and an optional 10 years warranty
  1. 2. INVT 100Kw 3 Phase On-Grid Inverter


This series of on-grid solar inverter in Dubai is armed with one-stop intelligent data management. This feature helps in deriving efficient and flexible solutions for larger commercial power stations and larger industrial applications.

The IP66 protection supports outdoor installation and keeps you worry-free with complete reliability. The intelligent and simple O & M helps in automatically detecting faults, precisely.

  • Input Power – 150 kW
  • Input Voltage – 1100 V
  • Rated Input Voltage – 620 V
  • Rated Output Power – 110 kW
  • Operating Temperature – 30 ~ +60 ℃
  • Efficiency – 98.7%
  • Dimensional values in mm – 660x1050x330
  • Weight – 95 kg
  • Warranty – 5 Years
  1. Focus

Focus specializes in a high-quality and wide range of solar power-based solar inverters in UAE. The brand emphasizes a customer-centric approach which means highly satisfied customers are its core goal. Together with a broad catalog for off-grid solar inverters and expertise in delivering cutting-edge products, Focus holds the number one spot in the solar inverter landscape.

Powernsun is the authorized solar inverter supplier in UAE of Focus and we offer inverters that ideally meet all the demands for various solar system installations.

Quality and performance go hand-in-hand across our entire range of solar inverters.

  1. Focus Pro 3.5K Off-grid Solar Inverter

Serving as the best choice for residential and commercial purposes, the Focus Pro series are offered with the option of with or without a battery. This pure sine wave MPPT solar inverter series has optional WIFI and a user-friendly touch button on the display.

Since this hybrid inverter Dubai series comes with a built-in 100 A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, the battery of the system is protected from overcharging.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Power – 3500 V/3500W
  • Input Voltage – 230 VAC
  • Surge Power – 7000 VA
  • Battery Voltage – 24 VDC
  • Maximum PV Array Power – 5000 W
  • Maximum Efficiency – 98%
  • Product dimensional values in mm – 481*313*117
  • Net Weight – 9.8 Kg
  1. Focus Pro 5.5K Off-grid Solar Inverter

Seeking an efficient off-grid solar inverter with Touch Button? Powernsun is here to serve your needs with the best solar inverter in UAE from a popular brand Focus. Having the output factor 1.0, this series inverter is offered with a cold-start function. So, when the AC power is resumed, it can restart automatically, providing better protection for the system.

The smart battery charger and management help in achieving optimized battery performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Power – 5500 V/5500W
  • Input Voltage – 230 VAC
  • Surge Power – 11000 VA
  • Battery Voltage – 48 VDC
  • Maximum PV Array Power – 6000 W
  • Maximum Efficiency – 98%
  • Product dimensional values in mm – 481*313*117
  • Net Weight – 10.5 Kg
  1. Polaris

Polaris off-grid inverters are the trusted companion for your solar system. The Polaris off-grid storage inverters are loaded with new-generation features which are sufficient enough to promise high performance even under harsh environmental conditions.

Grabbing the attention of solar installers across the world with reliability, unique features, and the power of real bankability, Polaris inverters are best for residential and commercial projects around the UAE.

Powernsun as the leading power inverter suppliers in UAE ensures a generous stock of Polaris solar inverters. So, you can quickly find and get the best deal at a fantastic solar inverter price.

Take a look at the most popular offerings from Polaris

  1. Polaris 3K-24V Off-Grid Energy Storage Inverter

This series of inverters are provided with selectable voltage ranges of 170-280 VAC, which are typically best for the use of personal computers, and 90-280 VAC, making ideal home appliances. This pure sine wave solar inverter series has a built-in anti-dust kit that ensures the device is suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Power – 3000 V/3000 W
  • Input Voltage – 230 VAC
  • Battery Voltage – 24 VDC
  • Surge Power – 6000 V
  • Maximum PV array power – 5500 W
  • Product dimensional values in mm – 100*300*440
  • Net weight – 9 kg
  1. Polaris-E PLUS 3K-24V Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter

Interested in buying a solar inverter in UAE that is recognized for its independent battery design? Get it from Powersun. Possessing an output power factor of 1, this Pure sine wave solar inverter series comes with a built-in 100 A MPPT solar charger. The inverter’s battery equalization feature enables extended life cycles and optimized battery performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Power – 5500 V/5500 W
  • Input Voltage – 230 VAC
  • Battery Voltage – 48 VDC
  • Surge Power – 11000 V
  • Maximum PV array power – 5500 W
  • Product dimensional values in mm – 100*300*440
  • Net weight – 10 kg

Having an eye on Polaris’s high PV input voltage range inverter? Get it at a fairly competitive inverter price in Dubai from us.

  1. Sineng

About the brand

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Sineng is a high-tech company that has a great specialization in power electronic products, trading & maintenance, and production and includes business in solar inverters, power quality control, energy storage system, and plant development. Sineng has 4 R&D centers which are located in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Suzhou, and China. The manufacturing facilities of the brand are situated in China, Wuxi, Wuzhong, China, and India (Bangalore). The overall production of the brand exceeds 40 GW capacity.

Powernsun as one of the established solar inverter suppliers in UAE is so happy that our partner Sineng has an active part in the global energy transition. The recent honor for the brand is at EQ E-Award Show in May 2021, it received ‘Central Inverter Company of the Year’, the solar award for the year 2020-2021.

Browse our portfolio for all our solar inverters from the brand Sineng.

  1. Sineng 60 kw on-grid Inverter

(Three Phase)

This series of inverters from Sineng comes with a user-friendly design and incorporates features such as a convenient handle design, plant monitoring through the app, and an 1100 V voltage level design. The safe and reliable operation of this series of inverter solar is assured through C5 anti-corrosion Rating and IP66 Protection.

Technical Specifications

  • PV Input Voltage/V – 1100
  • Rated PV Input Voltage/V – 620
  • PV Power(STC)/Wp – 90000
  • Rated Output Power /W – 66000
  • Efficiency – 98.2%
  • Product Dimensional values in mm – 710*595*275
  • Weight – 50 kg
  1. Sineng 120 kw on-grid Inverter

3-phase SP-120K-BL

These Sineng series solar inverters are acclaimed for their high-performance management which is possible due to locate and remote maintenance and smart I/V curve scan. This series is bagged with a bundle of high rewards, making the solar inverter Dubai worthwhile for your investment. This covers Built-in PID Recovery Function and 1.1 Times Continuous Output Overload.

Technical Specifications

  • PV Input Voltage/V – 1100
  • Rated PV Input Voltage/V – 620
  • PV Power(STC)/Wp – 150000
  • Rated Output Power /W – 110000
  • Efficiency – 99.00%
  • Product Dimensional values in mm – 1018*630*339
  • Weight – 85 kg
  1. SMA

Founded in 1981, and based in Germany, SMA Solar is a German company focused on manufacturing power inverters very suitable for residential as well as commercial purposes. Since its establishment to date, SMA has had a strong footprint in the solar inverters market.

The company with its products tested for stringent environmental conditions ensuring long life can sustain its high-quality benchmark and is at the forefront of the Power inverters market.

SMA serves as a solar inverter for home in the name of Sunny Boy. Sunny Highpower and Sunny Tripower cater to the commercial market, while large-scale applications are fulfilled by Sunny Central.

Access our catalog and know the range of solar inverters from the SMA brand.

  1. SMA Sunny Boy 1.5-40

For those with small solar systems, and looking for an economical home inverter price in UAE, this series is the right choice. Widely known for their unique features such as low weight, versatility, and flexibility in module compatibility, these inverters are very impressive options for your solar installations.

The SMA Smart Connected feature of the series enables the installers to monitor the invert through the SMA Sunny portal.

Technical Specifications

  • PV array power – 3000 Wp
  • input voltage – 600 V
  • Rated input voltage – 160 V to 500 V
  • Rated power at 230 V, and 50 Hz – 1500 W
  • Efficiency – 97.2 %
  • Product Dimensional values (in mm) – 460 * 357 * 122
  • Weight – 9.2 kg
  • Warranty – 5 years
  1. SMA Sunny Highpower 75-1

This new and innovative Sunny Highpower PEAK1 is an important device in global commercial and industrial solar system applications. In order to reap the better of two worlds, there is a perfect blend of decentralized system layouts and the advantages of centralized inverter designs.

If you are eager to get a flexible system design with the utmost efficiency, you can choose this inverter Dubai for your commercial/industrial needs.

Technical Specifications

  • generator power – 112500 Wp
  • input voltage – 1000 V
  • Rated power (DC) – 76500 W
  • Rated power at nominal voltage is 75000 W
  • Efficiency – 98.8%
  • Product Dimensional values (in mm) – 570 * 740 * 306
  • Weight – 77 kg
  • Warranty – 5 years
  1. Smarten

Started in 2014, Smarten has a clear focus on adhering to high-quality procedures, and a deep understanding of market needs and thus carves a mark in the global solar market. For looking to invest in the best Dubai inverter, buying Smarten offerings can be the best investment.

The brand is best known for producing a broad scope of solar products and unique Power Backup Solutions. Backed with perfect solar technology, Smarten’s MPPT-based solar inverters can fulfill enormous power requirements, creating new standards for green technology.

  1. Smarten Superb Off-Grid Inverter

1100VA 12V

This smarten superb solar inverter in UAE has a built-in MPPT charger which aids the best in maximizing the solar output power. If your need is an inverter for your home that probably covers the requirements of light, mobile charging, TV, and fan, then this is the inverter you can go for. This most advanced MPPT-based PCU is an excellent choice if you look for a solar inverter for sale of 500 watts for your home or office.

Technical Specifications

  • AC range – 175 vac
  • AC range Wups – 90 vac
  • Input frequency range – 48 hz
  • Maximum panels that can be connected – 500 wp
  • Maximum pv voltage – 50 v
  • Efficiency – > 93%
  1. Smarten Superb Off-Grid Inverter

2500VA 24V

This high-quality MPPT-based PCU inverter is integrated with some of the best features making it highly efficient for your solar installations. Get an uninterrupted power supply from this advanced Smarten Superb off-grid inverter that arrives with amazing features such as MPPT-based advanced technology PCU, smart charging, LCD screen, and more.

No more delays in purchasing this 30% more efficient inverter UAE. Get it today from Power n Sun.

Technical Specifications

  • AC range – 175 vac
  • AC range Wups – 90 vac
  • Input frequency range – 48 hz
  • Maximum panels that can be connected – 500 wp
  • Maximum pv voltage – 50 v
  • Efficiency – > 93%
  1. Solinteg

Solinteg, an innovative manufacturer with its leading technology excels in the global solar market with its production of optimized and advanced energy storage solutions. There is an extensive product list from the brand that includes solar inverters, smart terminals, monitoring devices, and EMS service. All these are well-appreciated for their outstanding performance and reliability.

Thanks to the global sales channels of Solinteg, Powernsun could sustain its mark as the best distributor for solar inverters in UAE and deliver safe, cost-effective, and smart solar inverters.

  1. Solinteg 1-Phase Hybrid Inverter


This Solinteg inverter series is quite powerful with the potential of a maximum 30A charge or discharge current. The super-wide battery voltage range of 65-450 V adds strength to this. The series is completely reliable with features of IP65 protection degree and also Solinteg MORE platform ensures this. The inverters are very compact in design and also have an elegant look. In addition, Powernsun offers its clients at a fair inverter price Dubai.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Power (kW) – 5.76
  • MPPT Voltage Range (V) – 100-550
  • of MPP Trackers – 1
  • Battery – Lithium Battery (with BMS)
  • Rated Output Power (kW) – 3.60
  • Efficiency – 97.6%
  • Product Dimensional values (in mm) – 534×418×210
  • Weight – 27.0 kg
  1. Solinteg 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter


If you are searching for a powerful solution with low operating noise for your residential purpose, this solar hybrid inverter UAE from Solinteg meets your needs. The series is very convenient for installation and O & M is quite easy with quick plug terminals and horizontal design.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Power (kW) – 15.0
  • MPPT Voltage Range (V) – 200-950
  • of MPP Trackers – 2
  • Battery – Lithium Battery (with BMS)
  • Rated Output Power (kW) – 10.0
  • Efficiency – 98.2%
  • Product Dimensional values (in mm) – 534×418×210
  • Weight – 27.0 kg
  1. Solplanet

Driven by the core idea of ‘solar for everybody’, Solplanet makes its best efforts to deliver the best possible experiences for all its end users, distributors, and installers. The entire ranges of solar products from the brand are very reliable, user-friendly, and easy to install. The company manufactures all types of solar inverters including Single-Phase, Three-Phase, and Hybrid.

Since 2007, Solplanet, a brand of AISWEI has had its firm print in the positive energy products list. Thanks to the strong capabilities of the brand which is more than 600,000 units, Powernsun continues supplying its clients as the foremost solar inverter suppliers in UAE.

  1. Solplanet 15KW 3 Phase On-grid Inverter

ASW15K-LT G2 Pro

Having set innovative benchmarks in the segment of residential, industrial decentralized PV systems, and commercial, this series of inverters also offers excellent compatibility with other high-power PV modules.

If you look for a solar power inverter that gives you high energy yield and flexibility in all applications, you can absolutely pick this choice.

Technical Specifications

  • PV array power ranges 22500 Wp STC
  • MPP voltage range – 1100 V
  • Rated active power – 15000 W
  • Efficiency – 98.6% / 98.2 %
  • Product dimensional descriptions in mm – 503 * 435 * 183
  • Weight – 17.3 kg
  1. Solplanet 5KW 1P Hybrid Inverter (Pro)


 Get these excellent featured solar inverters for sale from Powernsun which are appreciated for their extremely noiseless operation and unique features. Reliability is best proved with its IP65-rated design.

Technical Specifications

  • PV array power ranges 7500 Wp STC
  • MPP voltage range – 80 V to 550 V
  • Rated active power – 5000 W
  • Efficiency – 97.85% / 97.6%
  • Product dimensional descriptions in mm – 376 * 355 * 145
  • Weight – 12 kg
  1. Sungrow

Commenced in 1997, Sungrow is the most bankable inverter brand and it is best proven through its potential of 340GW installed worldwide as of December 2022. The dynamic technical R&D team of the company represents a significant 40% of the personnel of it. Sungrow offers a broad range of services and solutions. Its vast portfolio best serves the needs of residential, industrial, and commercial segments.

If you look to get an inverter from this bankable brand and one of the leading solar inverter suppliers, get in touch with us.

  1. Sungrow 25CX P2 On-grid Inverter

The plug-and-play with Buckle Design of these inverters assures the installers to have the benefit of lower investment. Smart O & M is made possible through Smart IV Curve Diagnosis and key component diagnosis and protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended max. PV input power – 35 kWp
  • PV input voltage – 1100 V
  • MPP voltage range – 600 V
  • Rated AC output power – 25 kW
  • efficiency – 98.4%
  • Dimensions – 645*575*245 mm
  • Weight – 38 kg
  1. Sungrow 110CX

Premium On-grid Inverter

If your search is to buy inverter that serves as an optimal solution for industrial and commercial purposes with high yield and maximum efficiency, here we have the one. The maximum yield is assured with this solar on grid inverter price as there are 9 MPPTs with a maximum efficiency of 98.7%. The series is highly compatible with bifacial modules.

Technical Specifications

  • PV input voltage – 1100 V
  • MPP voltage range – 200 V
  • AC output power – 110 kVA @ 45 °C or 100 kVA @ 50 °C
  • efficiency – 98.7%
  • Dimensions – 1051*660*362.5 mm
  • Weight – 89 kg

Explore Our Proven Expertise In Solar Power Solutions

With a growing presence across the world, Powernsun is a renowned supplier of solar inverters in the UAE. Our catalog is filled with a wide range of admired solar power products that have vast popularity in reducing the carbon footprint and are perfectly engineered for energy efficiency.

Need help choosing the right solar inverter for you? Get guidance by connecting with our expert.