Sungrow SH10.0RT Hybrid Three Phase Inverter

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The Sungrow SH10.0RT Hybrid Three Phase Inverter is a high-performance inverter designed for residential solar systems. It supports a wide range of battery voltages and allows for parallel connection with other inverters. With advanced features like smart energy management and emergency power function, it provides seamless backup power in case of grid blackout. The SH10.0RT is easy to install and offers efficient conversion of solar energy for residential use.

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Sungrow SH10.0RT Residential Hybrid Three Phase Inverter; Max. PV input power-13300 W;Max. PV input voltage-1100 V ; Startup Voltage 250 V;MPP voltage range-200 V – 1000 V; No. of MPPTs-2; Max. number of PV strings per MPPT- 1/2; Max AC Apparent power 10000VA; Nominal AC output Current 17A; Max AC Output current 13.5A ;Nominal AC voltage-3/N/PE, 220 Vac / 220/380 Vac / 230/400,240 / 415 V.AC voltage range270 – 480Vac (this may vary with grid standards) ; Nominal grid frequency-50 Hz / 45 – 55 Hz, 60 Hz / 55 – 65 Hz; Battery type-Li-ion battery / Lead-acid battery;

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 37 × 48 cm

10 kW






10 years