Longi Hits Record Conversion Efficiency Of 27.09% With Heterojunction

Longi Hits Record Conversion Efficiency

Longi Hits Record Conversion Efficiency Of 27.09% With Heterojunction

The world-leading solar technology company, Longi has a new world record for conversion efficiency of 27.09%, which is truly a benchmark on crystalline silicon heterojunction back-contact (HBC) solar cells. Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) in Germany has certified this efficiency record. This has broken the previous record for single-crystalline silicon solar cells with the 26.81% efficiency that had been announced in November 2022.

Longi - The world’s largest integrated solar module maker

LONGi, the solar giant has once again proved its commitment to innovation with breakthrough efficiency. Equipped with a mission of manufacturing the best of solar energy in building a green world, Longi has established 5 business sectors that cover mono silicon wafers cells and modules, green energy solutions, commercial & industrial distributed solar solutions, and hydrogen equipment.

Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Back-Contact (HBC) Solar Cells

Heterojunction indicates the junction of two different materials. This typically involves a layer of amorphous silicon which is placed on top of crystalline silicon. These HBC cells are highly capable of gathering and conducting the generated electrical charges when the solar cells are hit by the sunlight.

The back-contact cells are known for their metal electrical contacts on their rear side. This efficient design ensures that the whole front side of the cells can capture sunlight and avoid the impacts of partial shading and thus these cells are extremely efficient.

New Breakthrough in BC Technology

In order to overcome the issue of high patterning cost for back-contact cells, Longi’s R&D team with its constant attention to technological innovation successfully developed an all-laser patterning process. This is the technology that has been adopted in the 27.09% efficiency record cell.

Moreover, an ultra-thin transparent conductive oxide has been introduced to lessen the quantity of indium used in solar cell processing. In contrast to the traditional bifacial heterojunction solar cells, the quantity of indium in the new HBC cell has been reduced to only one-fifth.

Another advantage is the new laser graphical process costs much less compared with the conventional high-cost photolithography processes. This breakthrough has accelerated the commercialisation of HBC solar cells and supports in featuring independent intellectual property and affordability.

Businesses and solar projects can embrace these highly efficient HBC cells and can reap the best benefits.

History of records

  • Previously, Longi announced the highest efficiency for silicon cells of 26.81% efficiency rating for heterojunction solar cells in November 2023.
  • In early November 2023, Longi claimed a notable power conversion efficiency of 33.9% for its perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells.

Bright scope of HBC cells

It has been anticipated that the HBC cells or IBC cells can be a bigger challenge to the TOPCon cells that dominate the global solar market. The high efficiency, long-term stability, and reliability characteristics of the crystalline-based PV technology make it take over the PV market. Most researchers and industries are on their best side to enhance the efficiency to attain the silicon limit.

Best of increased efficiency with reduced manufacturing costs

As per the news release, LONGi has claimed that its 27.09 percent efficiency was accomplished through an all-laser patterning process that stands as the solution for the high patterning cost of back-contact cells. As the transparent conductive oxide layer is reduced it is more likely to use just 20 percent of the element indium. This record conversion efficiency from Longi underscores the commitment of the company to BC solar cells, which is certainly a key element in the future cell technology strategy.

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