Power n Sun and Invt joining hands together

Power n Sun and Invt joining hands together

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  • February 6, 2023

cross GCC countries, Africa, Europe, and South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. With a core focus on expanding the solar market in these regions and acquiring a significant market share, PNS has signed a strategic relationship with Invt.

Commenced in 2002, INVT is a leading provider in the global of products and services for industrial automation & electric power. The brand holds a prominent position in manufacturing inverters, which is its primary business. The inverter products and energy storage systems cover a broad range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With its rich expertise of over 20 years, Invt possesses solid benefits in R&D, production, sales, and service, efficiently serving global clients.

It’s such a great pleasure for Powernsun to become an Invt inverter distributor and offer more quality choices to the global solar market. The scope of this distribution partnership is to address the demands of a brighter and greener solar world.

  Invt inverters

INVT Solar product ranges include Invt on-grid inverter (1-136kW), Invt off-grid inverter (3-5KW), the energy storage inverter (3-630KW), the light storage solution, pump inverter, and the intelligent family energy ecological chain. The iMars series solar inverter from the brand comes with distinct technology that tops in the advantageous points of power efficient transformation, product stability, grid security access, and low harmonic current harmonics.

Powernsun is glad that it partners with Invt and distributes a new generation of inverters. This makes us capable of delivering smart and outstanding inverter products as the trusted platform for Invt inverter supplier in India and Pakistan and building energy.

On-grid PV solution

The on-grid inverters series are equipped with high conversion efficiency and stable and safe performance. Have its extensive usage in residential and commercial solar power generation systems

Diverse models in the segment

MG1-3kW Single Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

MG4-5kW Single Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

MG3-6kW-2M Single Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

XG3-8kW Single Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

XG3-15kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

XG15-25kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

XG25-40kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

XG50-70kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

XG100-136kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

Significant features of the Single-phase series

  • Efficient and higher revenue with a wide voltage range
  • Intelligent and simple O & M with smart grid adaptive
  • Assured reliability of IP65 Protection, natural cooling, and aluminum casting

Significant features of the Three-phase series

  • Fast dynamic response with 2 MPP Trackers
  • Good compatibility with high-power
  • IP66 Protection degree and supports outdoor installation
  • Optional AFCI Function where the inverter operation stops immediately with arc detection

Energy storage solution

Powernsun stepping as the reliable Invt inverter supplier in Dubai is here to enhance your economic energy use. We source the best and most high-performing energy storage solutions that find their broad residential and commercial storage applications.         

Find here numerous models from this segment

  • BD3-6kW-RL1 Single Phase Hybrid Inverter (Battery 48V)
  • BD5-10kW-RLN North American Split-phase Inverter (Battery 48V)
  • BD6-12kW-RH1N North American Split-phase Inverter (Battery>80V)
  • BD8-12kW-RH3 Three Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • BD30-500kW-P Energy Storage System (All in one)
  • BD30-500kW-MT Energy Storage Converter (With Transformer)
  • BD500-630kW-M Energy Storage Converter (Without Transformer)

Major beneficial points

  • Efficient and higher revenue
  • Flexible Abundant configuration
  • Simple, yet intelligent operation and maintenance
  • Maximum efficiency: 98.2% ( for split & three phase inverters),: 97.6% for single-phase inverters

Off-grid PV solution

With the adoption of technology that combines high-frequency isolation with the solar inverter, supporting the intelligent monitoring system and integrating multiple protection functions, the Invt off grid inverters are flexible and reliable products.

The standard Invt inverter warranty is 5 years. However, you can extend up to 10 years for a fee, and be rest assured that you are under complete protection of the brand.

Have a glance at the major models offered:

Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverters

  • XN3-5k(XN30IM-24 & XN50IM-48)
  • XN50PIII-48
  • XN80PA-48

Major advantages of these off-grid solar inverters

  • ˙200% AC overload (100ms), and able to withstand transient load impact
  • Compatibility with different crystalline silicon modules
  • Optimized battery performance with a smart battery charger

Monitoring solutions

Adaptable to most mainstream inverters, get the best of your Invt inverter price with some of the effective monitoring solutions.

Stick logger

  • Plug and play
  • Independent module
  • Waterproof design
  • External design

Din-rail logger

  • Data resuming
  • Remote upgrade
  • Alert notifications
  • Standard DIN-Rail Mount

As we step into as the dependable Invt inverter supplier, we also fulfill your needs for a new generation of solar networking monitoring platforms. iMars InfoExpert photovoltaic power system remote monitoring from Invt.

  • Solarman Smart
  • Solarman Business

Explore the features

  • All-round Monitoring
  • Prompt alerts
  • Intuitive System Layout
  • Flexible Plant Management

Regions we serve:

It makes us gratified that our wings are spread across GCC countries Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Europe, all across South Asia, majorly India and Pakistan and we can efficiently meet all your demands for Invt inverters in these regions.