KBE Solar string cable in UAE

There are so many reasons that will certainly push us to invest in renewable energy in the upcoming days. This includes protection against utility costs, easy financial choices, a Net Metering program, incentives from Government, etc. One more benefit added to the list will make the choice more appealing. High-performance cable products and all other solar accessories from Power n Sun. We have been powering the solar world for a significant number of years with renowned suppliers.

KBE solar is highly specialized in manufacturing electrical wires and cables for applications such as solar systems, automotive, and household appliance industries. The solar products from KBE cover an array of standard cables that suit well PV power plants, roof systems, etc. The manufacturer of solar string cable is competent enough to meet the new and emerging standard for solar cable EN 50618. It means KBE solar cabling is your end stop for the search for a quality solar cable in UAE.

KBE Solar String Cable-6 Black

It is truly a wise decision that you are going to buy solar cables from a manufacturer who is very popular in the market. In addition, the manufacturer is widely known for more than 15 GW of installed capacity in producing solar cables.

Find the below-listed features and compare them with conventional cables

  • The cables are certified as per EN 50618 IEC 131
  • The Voltage rating is 1500 V
  • Snap-in locking for better connectivity 
  •  Solar panel cables for residential and commercial applications.
  • TÜV certification according to IEC 62930 (62930 IEC 131)
  • Widely appreciated solar cables for their distinct features of high insulation resistance, mechanical stability, water resistance, and UV stability
  • Flammability class Dca as per CPR

KBE Solar String Cable-6SQM Red

Are you looking for a solar cable in UAE that can better withstand harsh environments? When ordinary wires and cables fail in this, here are the high-quality solar cables that pass all the stringent checks and fulfill your expectations. With a full range of solar cables of high-performance solutions just for your application, you no need to wander the market.

Look at the features of our affordable and right cabling solutions

  • It is the ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications
  • Solar String Cable of 6 with 1.800 VDC max
  • Since has high-quality insulation materials, the cables are direct burial
  • Higher UV stability and high water resistance properties
  • Higher insulation resistance for the best part of connectivity
  • Come under flammability class considering the CPR
  • Manufactured per EN 50618 IEC 131

KBE Solar String Cable – 4 Black

With utility costs going up and new efforts in place to consider renewable sources of energy, if you are looking for solar for your business, here are the better solutions. Delivering advanced solar cabling solutions to commercial, utility, industry, and residential applications, we are a leader across the globe.

Analyze your needs and check with our specifications

  • Most viable choice of cables for residential and commercial applications.
  • Manufactured in compliance with EN 50618 IEC 131 standards
  • Find the Voltage rating of 1.500 VDC and max. 1.800 VDC
  • Maximum UV stability, water resistance, mechanical strength, and insulation resistance.
  • Consecutive meter marking featured solar cable in UAE
  • Direct burial because of high-quality insulation materials

KBE Solar String Cable-4SQM Red

We take pride in being one of the authorized solar cable distributors. And we are pleased to carry a vast portfolio of products for your interconnection with solar panels. We are highly capable of meeting specific project requirements. 

See the complete list of features of our KBE solar string cable red of 4

  • Ideal connecting solutions for residential and commercial purposes
  • Manufactured in compliance with EN 50618 IEC 131 standard
  • The high-quality insulation materials make the cables direct burial
  • This solar cable in UAE reaches your project with some of the great benefits of higher UV stability, water resistance, higher insulation resistance, and mechanical stability.
  • The voltage rating is 1.500 VDC  and the maximum is 1.800 VDC
  • Flammability class Dca under CPR

Polycab EN Certified DC Solar Cable 4Sqm – Red (500mtr)

Are you in the search of the best DC solar cable in UAE for perfect interconnections between different modules? Pause here. Here are the solar cables of various thicknesses such as 4 mm solar cable, 6mm solar cable, and a lot more for your particular demands. They are designed to make your solar system installation complete through the seamless connection between the PV modules.

Description of the product

  • POLYCAB (Type 1) 4 sq mm red insulated cable
  • In order to be protected against varying weather conditions and deliver exceptional performance, the cables are UV protected.
  • Moreover, the cables have the lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength
  • They are well-designed by taking into account the emerging needs of the solar industry
  • These cables are the optimal solutions for both indoor and outdoor and flexible as well as fixed installation requirements
  • Low smoke solar cables with the flame retardant feature. This assures you the best safety
  • Excellent Encapsulation 
  • Worth your money since it has a long service life of more than 25 years

Polycab EN Certified DC Solar Cable 4Sqm – Red (2000mtr)

Do you know? The solar cable price that you spend with us can bring you a different range of diameters of cables. They are compatible with most of the connectors and junction boxes. We know the increased need for high-quality solar cables in recent years. In considering this surging demand, we strive to fulfill the expectations of customers by delivering them the most relevant solar cable in UAE.


  • Flexible solar cables
  • EN Certified DC Solar Cable of 4Sqm and 2000mtr
  • Highly resistant to moisture and abrasion
  • There is a solution for every panel-to-grid requirements
  • You can expect high mechanical strength even in extreme weather conditions.
  • The Ambient Temperature range is from -40°C to +90°C
  • Halogen Free and Flame retardant Compound (XLPO)
  • Resistance properties against UV, Ozone, Temperature, and Hydrolysis
  • An excellent service life that goes beyond 25 years 
  • Flame retardant, and Low Smoke solar panel cables

Facing trouble with what cables you are looking for? Get assistance from our solar experts. We have better solutions that solve complex challenges in generating solar energy. We enable clients to achieve their solar energy ambitions globally including Mozambique, Votamvana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, and Botswana.