Powernsun at COP28 UAE

Powernsun at COP28 UAE

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  • December 13, 2023

Advancing Sustainability with JA Solar at ‘Pathway to Net Zero’
At the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28 UAE), Powernsun made significant strides at the ‘Pathway to Net Zero and JA Solar Sustainable Development Event’ hosted at the China Pavilion in Dubai. The event highlighted JA Solar’s global contributions to sustainable development. Mr. Sun Guangbin, Senior Vice President of JA Solar, provided insights, while Mr. L K Verma, Managing Director of Powernsun, emphasized the company’s commitment to positive environmental impact and industry advancement.

Longi’s White Paper Launch in Collaboration with Powernsun
Longi with Powernsun launch white paper, “500MW Integration in MENA’s DG Market.” On December 15, 2023, the event features discussions on MENA’s solar market, Longi’s sustainable practices, and the positive effects of adding 500 MW to the DG solar market. Mr. L K Verma, Managing Director of Powernsun, will share insights, highlighting the collaborative endeavors between Longi and Powernsun for the future of renewable energy in MENA.

Longi and Powernsun Joint Workshop
At the joint workshop at Heriot-Watt University, where Mr. L K Verma, Managing Director of Powernsun and Chairman of Dubai Renewable Energy Group, delivered an impactful speech praised the role of the Climate Hub. The workshop focused on the importance of supporting and preparing youth to contribute significantly to climate change mitigation, aligning with Longi’s and Powernsun’s commitment to sustainable development.

Mashreq Corporate & Investment Banking Group Session
In a captivating session on “SMEs in ESG,” Powernsun’s Managing Director, Mr. LK Verma, engaged with Mashreq Corporate & Investment Banking Group. The discussion encompassed the current state of the global solar energy landscape and outlined a comprehensive strategy for a sustainable future. Powernsun’s commitment to initiatives like Climb2Change and support for COP28 in combating climate change was highlighted during the session.