Powernsun’s 7th Annual Meeting

Powernsun’s 7th Annual Meeting

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  • January 17, 2024

Powernsun successfully concluded its 7th annual gathering at the Radisson Blu in Business Bay, Dubai. The event served as a dynamic platform for international offices of PNS’s to converge, exchanging invaluable insights and strategic visions for the future.

The solar industry faced significant challenges in 2023, particularly during the latter half when photovoltaic module prices experienced a sharp 45% decline, resulting in a temporary slowdown and demand postponement. Despite these obstacles, Powernsun achieved an average increase in revenue compared to the previous year, navigating through the turbulence with resilience, albeit with a slight decrease in profit margins.

In an unwavering pursuit of growth and market expansion, Powernsun inaugurated new branches across Morocco, Germany, the Netherlands, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jafza-UAE, and the Masdar Free Zone in Abu Dhabi.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone as Powernsun celebrated a decade of successful operation for Orange Overseas (parent company). During this period, strategic partnerships were forged with industry giants Tongwei and Solplanet, leading to the introduction of innovative product offerings. Noteworthy among these advancements was the launch of PnS One, a groundbreaking app designed to empower installers, resellers, and retailers in the solar sector.

Additionally, Powernsun demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by establishing a state-of-the-art battery rejuvenation plant in Sharjah, contributing to the company’s eco-friendly initiatives.

Powernsun extends its heartfelt gratitude to all partners who have played a crucial role in supporting the company’s journey. With a resilient spirit and a commitment to excellence, Powernsun remains dedicated to shaping the future of solar energy.