Sungrow SH5RT Hybrid Three Phase Inverter

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The Sungrow SH5RT Hybrid Three-Phase Inverter provides a full solution for energy consumers to maximize the use of self-generated solar energy. The Sungrow SH5.0RT also has its own battery inverter that allows you to use your solar energy during a grid blackout. A solar system with Sungrow SH5.0RT inverter can be installed in two stages; start with a conventional grid connect system, and add a battery when it is convenient.

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Sungrow SH5.0RT Residential Hybrid Three Phase Inverter; Max. PV input power-7500 W;Max. PV input voltage-1000 V V;MPP voltage range-200 V – 950 V; No. of MPPTs-2; Max. number of PV strings per MPPT- 1/1; Nominal AC output power to grid-5000 W; Max. AC output apparent power to grid-5000 VA; Max. AC input power from grid-5000 W; Nominal AC voltage-3/N/PE, 220 Vac / 220/380 Vac / 230/400, 270 – 480 V; Nominal grid frequency-50 Hz / 45 – 55 Hz, 60 Hz / 55 – 65 Hz; Battery type-Li-ion battery / Lead-acid battery;

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 17 × 46 × 54 cm

5 kW






10 years