Solar Water Pumping And Irrigation Systems

Solar Water Pumping And Irrigation Systems

Beyond being a sustainable and eco-friendly resource, solar is also a source of low maintenance and convenience. There are millions of people who do not have access to electricity across the world. In addition, increasing fuel costs and being incapable of meeting the growing energy demands impact the water supply to irrigation.

There is a promising alternative for this scenario – solar water pumping and irrigation systems. Let us discuss what solar water pumps are, how they work, and their core benefits to irrigation systems.

Solar Powered Irrigation In Dubai

Dubai has already made the steps to make the most of solar-irrigated landscaped roundabouts. In fact, it is the first city to utilize solar energy for irrigation in the Middle East region. Typically, diesel-powered pumps are being used to extract the groundwater, in order to irrigate. These kinds of irrigation systems fall back due to their expensive, dirty, and noisy operation.

Installing solar water pumping and irrigation systems forms an ideal solution here. The major goal behind this is to promote sustainability solutions in the UAE. Since solar energy is the future of the world, it is truly a good idea to make use of solar-propelled water pumping systems. These systems, when compared with traditional generators, have been found to cut out the operation costs by 60%.

International Holding Company of Abu Dhabi revolutionizes increased energy-efficient agricultural production with solar-powered irrigation systems. AED1.5 million ($408,280) has been invested in the project, targeting six wells on over 500 acres.

Solar Water Pumping

Solar water pumping and irrigation systems are becoming viable solutions for farmers who rely on expensive diesel pumps and monsoon rains. Solar water pumping is a facility that contains a solar panel, a pump, and a solar pumping controller, driven by solar energy. As most nations across the world prioritize the farming sector, and with the sun being eternal and at no cost, a solar-powered water pumping and irrigation system is really an excellent move.

How Does A Solar Water Pump And Irrigation System Work?

Solar-powered pump systems work based on the principle of photovoltaic energy. Just similar to a solar system, here the rays of the sun are converted to electricity and it will operate the system. The solar panel of the water pump system absorbs the solar energy and converts it into electricity.

Between the solar panels and the pump, there will be a controller. This controller pulls the power produced by solar panels and based on the needs supplies the power to the pump.

If the system contains an AC pump, then it will need to install an inverter. This inverter will convert the DC voltage of the panel into the AC that drives the pump.

Types Of Solar Water Pumps

  • Submersible Solar Pump
  • AC Solar Pumps
  • DC Solar Pump
  • Surface Solar Pump

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Water Pumping And Irrigation Systems?


Recently, there has been a considerable drop in the cost of solar panels. This means the initial setup cost for any solar-powered system is very affordable. Since the system embraces solar energy to operate, there are no operating costs involved. Also, you can protect yourself from the cost of fuel or electricity expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

Other alternatives such as diesel-generated pumps end up in air and noise pollution. But solar-based water pumps are environmentally friendly options and do not involve releasing any harmful substances that impact global warming.

Fewer costs on labor and maintenance

Compared with fuel operating systems, solar water-pumping irrigation systems need less labor and maintenance expenses. These systems do not need fuel to operate, and they are powered by solar panels.

Ease of maintenance is another advantage of these kinds of systems. The system has fewer moving parts. So, just with the help of basic tools, you can maintain the system.

Beneficial in remote areas

As the system operates solar, you do not need any external power source. This makes the system an effective alternative in remote areas and places where there is no access to the power grid.

Highlights Of Solar Water Pumping Irrigation System Compared With Diesel Pumps:

  • No noise while operating
  • Long life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance cost
  • One time investment
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to relocate

Future Scope Of Solar Water Pumping Irrigation System

Some of the world’s toughest challenges can be better answered by sustainable solutions. The world population is anticipated to grow by 2 billion by 2050. This growth rate indicates the need for adopting inexhaustible sustainable energy sources to fulfill the increasing demands for water and electricity.

The emphasis on deploying solar-powered water pumping and irrigation systems is set to grow in the UAE regions where plenty of sunlight is available. With witnessing alarming changes in climate conditions, it is not a fair idea to rely only on monsoon rains. Solar water pumping appears to be an energy-efficient solution in these cases. Even in remote areas, irrigation is possible if you have solar water pumping systems.


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