Energy Storage System

Solar Inverter Battery - UPS Battery Suppliers & Wholesaler in Middle East, Africa and South Asia

With solar batteries coming into the market, storing electric energy and using it as a renewable energy has become much easier. Since the sun is the free source of power, never worry about your batteries draining out. At Power n Sun, one gets to choose from lithium ion battery, gel battery, lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, inverter battery and UPS batteries.

Power n Sun supply all kinds of solar batteries to small and medium distributors at a wholesale rate. In other Middle East, India and African nations too, the chief supplier of solar batteries is Power n Sun. Apart from these, one can source solar pumps from this Marketing and Distribution Corporation.

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Batteries for Home & Business

Power n Sun is a proud distributor of premium batteries. It has a huge collection of UPS and Inverter batteries for every household and businesses. Each of them is available at a wholesale rate and promises users a superior electrical performance. These are one of a kind as they are all made up of durable materials.

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