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Solar PV Panel or Modules

As a business, investing in the solar PV modules has different financial advantages and visually demonstrates their commitment in order to minimising the carbon footprints of businesses. The modules of solar PV modules are made by the integration between PV and solar cells which converts light energy captured from sun into the electric energy. UAE makes use of photovoltaic mechanism that helps in using solar panels for converting energy into usable electricity that can be directly used by the end users. For the purpose of accomplishing sustainable infrastructure in order to produce power in the course of renewable energy, the solar PV is important for UAE.

Solar PV panels

Solar Photovoltaic defined as a technology which converts solar radiations or sunlight into the electricity by using semiconductors. This technology is mainly worked on a panel in which PV cells are found connected to the each other and build up a frame that is called a module. Several solar modules can be agitated together in order to form an array that can be balanced up or down in order to make the total of power required. Photovoltaic cells will be made from the combinations of many semi conductor materials and the commonly used materials are being tested as well as utilised for improve the efficiency and effectiveness of converting solar radiations into electricity. Some of the big solar PV or modules of entire world are discussed below:

Jinko Solar PV modules

Jinko Solar is termed as largest solar module manufacturers in the world as it is considered as a most innovative also across the world. It distributes their solar products as well as sells some effective solutions or services to the diversified global utility and their commercial and residential client base in China, Japan, UK, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Belgium, US, Germany, Chile, India, Brazil, Italy, France and many other regions as well. As per the research of 31 December 2019, Jinko Solar has constructed vertically incorporated product value chain along with the connected yearly capacity of 10.6 GW for the solar cells, 11.5 GW for mono wafers, and 16 GW for solar modules.

It has approx. 15000 workers over the seven production services internationally, and the total 15 overseas subsidiary in South Korea, India, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, United States, Brazil, Australia. The international sales teams in Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kenya, Costa Rica, Panama, UK, Greece, Jordon, Egypt, Ghana, South Africa, Colombia, and Argentina. Jinko Solar provides both polycrystalline and mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules.

Longi Solar PV modules

Longi solar is termed as a world leading manufacturer of mono crystalline solar cells as well as modules with the high level of efficiency. It was incorporated in 2000 as a Xi’an Longi Silicon Materials Corporation along with their headquarters in Xian, China. It leads Solar PV industry to the new height with the product innovations as well as optimized with the ratio of power cost through the mono-crystalline technologies. It supplies more than 30 GW of solar wafers as well as modules across the world along with the high efficiency. It is recognized as world most innovative and valuable technological company with high market value. Mainly, Longi’s have two core values such as the innovation and the sustainable development.

LG Solar PV modules

LG solar provides market leading and precision manufactured solar panels for organizations as well as homeowners who needed reliability, consistently and high performance strong energy return from a brand on which they can trust. Over the period of time of 30 years of research and development, LG was capable to make innovative, better quality and affordable solar panels. It is a long lasting, sustainable and energy efficient solar panels that get higher environmental and financial benefits for businesses as well as stakeholders. LG offers mainly 2 panel ranges like LG NeON® upto 355W and LG NeON ® upto 375W per panel.

Suntech PV modules

Suntech solar is a Chinese manufacturer of solar panels that was founded in 2001 by the founder Shi Zhengrong which is headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. It presents at various number of locations such as United States, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Italy. It has supplied more than 13 lakh solar panels to the thousands of organizations within more than 80 nations across the world wide. Suntech will offer 222.5MW modules for the Adani power’s project which is the largest private independent power manufacturer in India. Suntech togetherness with India ranking at the front position of energy resolution along with the passion and confidence for the energy future and believes that photovoltaic will be electricity technique of changing future, for sun makes everything as well as technology may changes the entire world future.

REC Solar PV modules

The REC solar group was founded in 1996 in Norway which is a leading European brand for the solar panels that has been facilitating high performance and sustainable products, services and the investment for solar industry. It has full control over the production chain and in Norway better quality of solar panels is developed to their operational service in Singapore where the process of manufacturing and testing takes place. The price per watt for the REC solar PV panels ranges from $2.87 and $3.05. The efficiency of panel systems depends on the particular model which users choose but generally it have an efficiency rating of 15.2% to 19.8%.

Sharp PV modules

It is a solar energy product company that is owned by Sharp Corporation which is based in Osaka, Japan. The product range of company includes thin film solar modules, mono & poly crystalline silicon solar cells. Sharp solar PV modules are mainly used for several applications like from satellite to lighthouse and the industrial applications to residential use. It manufactures photovoltaic modules in various locations such includes Wales, Llay near Wrexham as well as Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded in 1959 by the founder that named Tokuji Hayakawa and deals in the solar electricity industry.

Jolywood PV modules

Jolywood solar PV is considered as a national high tech business that was founded in 2008. It emphasizes on the innovative research and development and better quality producing of PV auxiliary materials, system integration, solar cells and solar modules as well as many other products. World largest N-type bifacial solar cells and modules producer with the 3.4GW manufacturing capacity as well as world largest back sheet producer along with the 30% market shares and it was also awarded top 3 financial health by photon.

Types of solar PV’S

There are several solar panels that serve different requirements and purposes. Types of solar panels best suited for the installation that will depend upon the property and the desired characteristics of systems. Some of the types are further discussed below:

  • Crystalline PV module: It is developed from microelectronics technology industry that has high level of efficiency and makes very interesting technology where space at premium. Industry created solar modulespresently achieves efficiencies that are ranging from 18 to 22 % under the standard conditions of testing. In this two types includes such as:
    1. Mono-crystalline PV module: It is defined as an oldest and developed of all technologies that name suggests from single continuous crystal structure. This panel can be analyzed from solar cells that will appear as a single flat color. Silicon’s high purity causes mono crystalline solar panelhas highest efficiency rates with the above 20%. It has more power yield, inhabit low space as well as last the greatest. The main advantage of this solar panel is to consider that they lean to be considerably less exaggerated by elevated temperatures in comparison of other panels. Whereas the major disadvantage of this solar panel is that it is requires huge cost for installation and construction. Crystal format of this panel is manufacturing steady blue color with no gain marks so that it produces pure and highest level of efficiency.
    2. Polycrystalline PV module: It is made by the pouring molten silicon in a cast and because of the construction method of this panel system, crystal structure will not form perfect and making boundaries where the formation of crystal breaks. It provides smooth appearance, distinctive and gemstone pattern which highlight boundaries in the crystal format. Due to the impurities in crystal, the poly-crystalline siliconis termed as less efficient while comparing with mono-crystalline. It needs low energy and materials so that it provides the cost advantage over other silicon. But it has disadvantage also as it is less efficient in their performance as compared to mono crystalline module.
  • Bifacial PV modules: These are considered as a sports car of solar modulesthat possess industry most important efficiency during keeping unmatched aesthetic principles and values. Jolywood is termed as one of the leading producer of frameless bifacial modules. This module has cells of solar energy on both the sides of panel so it is called most durable and minimizes the concern of potential induced degradation. Also the BOS (balance of system) costs are minimized while power can be created from this module in small range footprint. It is advantageous because it provides better performance and the optimization for plans on sites with elevated albedo.
  • Double glass PV module: It also known as frameless solar modulewhich is an innovative product that utilize solar cells layers which are laminated between two 2.5mm heat reinforced glasses rather than conventional polymer back sheet. It will allow sunlight to overtake through tailoring them for applications which includes carports, greenhouse and shopping malls. Double glass solar PV module by Jolywood can be created in distinct dimensions with the various different numbers of cells like 40, 60, or 72. It permits to regulate light transmission as well as the level of shading within the building by regulating distance between solar cells at a time of manufacturing procedure.
  • Frameless PV modules: This has been evolved over the period of time as the price of this is continuously goes down and the weight ranges between 23 to 25 kg. It has been formed to be aesthetically pleasing during retaining same kind of efficiency ratings. These are produced without aluminum so that it shows result in reducing embodied energy. It is also known as glass on glass panels because its solar cellsarrayed between the two layers of glass. This panel brings array closer to roof as it is the little thicker in order to facilitate structural integrity to the panel. It is benefited because there are low chances for happening accidents because they come without any metal frames and they are capable to blend effectively with the composition of roof shingles mainly with the darker single color. It also minimizes the impacts of PID (potential induced degradation) that enables in the long life span.
  • Half cut cells PV module: It is mainly works for increasing the performance as well as durability of module’s as traditional 60 and 72 cells panels will have 120 and 144 half cut cells respectively. As it facilitates various benefits over traditional cells because they are smaller in size and more resistant to cracking. With the half cut cells solar panelshave huge potential to facilitate quick payback period for owners who installing the solar energy system. There are mainly four ways that can help to boost performance and outputs. Such includes: minimized resistive losses, high shade tolerance etc. In this, solar cells are cut in a half proportion in order to minimize cell to module losses during assembly. Solar modules along with the double voltage would be a demerit because high string voltage would give result in the half volume of modules which can be linked per string to the inverter.
  • Thin film PV modules: This is made from the various varieties of material that is mainly made from the cadmium telluride. For this, producer put a layer of CdTe between the transparent layers of conducting which assist in capturing sunlight’s and it has glass on their top for protection. It is a good choice for projects along with the less requirement of power but requires for portability and light weight. It produced maximum efficiency of 20.3% with common material of amorphous silicon at 12.5%. It is flexible that opens various opportunities for optional applications and less effected by high temperature.
  • AC PV modules: It is a combination of solar panel with pre installed DC to AC inverter. Primary advantages of using AC PV modules include that increased attempt level of performance as the partial shading would affect only single module. Latest micro inverters within built communication system. This will match to monitor and control module level power output as well as failure detection. It also reduced installation time that AC modules can be directly into AC panel of customers. It minimizes the number of component and time required to install such aspects.


Solar PV modules dealers or agents or distributor

Power n sun is termed as a one stop solar supplies, system and solar Solution Company that mainly supports commercial, residential as well as industrial installation of solar PV’S in Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. The company plan, supply and supervise several solar projects along with the provides solar installation like solar PV modules, solar inverters, solar monitoring, solar inverter accessories, Micro Inverter and Optimizer, Fuel Save Controller,  Monitoring & Control Systems, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Structures,  Solar Cables, PV Combiner Boxes, solar PV Connectors, Cable Tray,  Energy Storage System, Solar Street Light,  Solar Pump Inverter, Solar Refrigerators & Freezers, Online & Line Interactive UPS, Access To Energy,  Water Purifier with the main aim of increase value and energy result at low cost. Our company sell various kinds of solar components and they are authorised partner of ABB, Ingeteam, Schneider, Longi, REC, LG, Morning star, Hive, Weidmuller, Aerocompact, Polycab, Sungrow, SMA, Goodwe, Jinko, Suntech, Sharp, Meteo control, Tesvolt, Phoenix contact, Deif, Apar and so on. In the involvement with the principle we organise several webinars, technical workshop and seminars on a regular basis. As Power n sun deals with the best varieties of solar PV’s so that customers can able to buy world best solar panels on the B2B wholesale. Power n Sun  can supply solar products across UAE  such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, RAK City, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Khor Fakkan, Kalba, Jebel Ali, Dibba Al-Fujairah, Madinat Zayed, Ruwais, Liwa Oasis,  Dhaid, Ghayathi, Ar-Rams, Dibba Al-Hisn, Hatta, Al Madam.

Solar PV module cost or price.

Solar panels price list UAE: 2020

Solar panel watt

Price per watt $

320 W


330 W


340 W


350 W


360 W


370 W


380 W


390 W


400 W


410 W


420 W


430 W


440 W


450 W


460 W



In addition to the above solar panel prices, there are some rules as well for deciding the prices and costing of solar panels for selling solar PV modules in United Arab Emirates (Solar Panel Wholesale Price List in Dubai, UAE, 2020). These are as follows:

  • Special discount is given for buying bulky quantity.
  • The prices of solar panels are negotiable.
  • Wholesale price is applicable for dealers and resellers

Solar PV module specifications.

UAE is termed as one of the most country that is highly committed towards the use of solar panels in order to make renewable energy from the authorized sources. The nation has designed to leverage high concentration of sun by increasing world greatest concentrated facility as well as produce 7% electricity by 2020, 25% by 2030 and the 75% by 2050. They provide low cost panel system for manufacturing electricity as well as power their home in economical as well as environmental friendly manner.

It system conform to all globally quality standards that followed by producing of solar system under strict vigilance of quality team to obtain best in best quality solar panel system. They has confirmed their strength by manufacturing highest amount of solar power at affordable and cheap cost as well as sustaining for extended year without any maintenance. They can generate durability, efficiency and reliability for solar system, it presents at competitive rates in UAE so that people can easily access in diversified specifications.

Buy PV modules online

Recently, the demand and impact for clean energy is at their peak so that the photovoltaic is the most significant resource among it. As Power n sun is the biggest dealer which sells sophisticated panels across the world like Sharp, Jinko, Trina, LG, REC. along with the powerful products like LG’s NeON, MONOX series etc. which substantiate cell technology. The Trina solar DuoMax has capacity of 1500 volts which promised to increase efficiency ratio of energy and minimize bills.

So they are considered as one of the biggest Business to Business online platform along with the customised and dedicated page for all customers. People can order online or call us for getting delivery at their locations within the selected regions such as Middle East, South Asia and Africa also, company specifically supply solar panels to the small to medium dealers as well as resellers.

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Solar PV modules or cells termed as a critical aspects for getting sustainable development which will be helpful for UAE in order to accomplish social, economic and environmental goals and objectives. Initiatives of solar PV which has been taken by UAE helps in minimising environmental impacts and fetching the region closer for getting sustainable energy future by falling in the dependency ratio of fossil fuels. By using solar PV systems as well as focusing solar power techniques, UAE has appeared as a leader in the production of solar energy within the Middle East. This report shows that UAE is equipped to hold technologies for renewable energy like solar power, so as to gain desirable economic as well as environmental goals and objectives.

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