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 JA Solar Panel in UAE

Are you thinking about adding solar power to your essential life? Individuals and the Government have more concerns about a green global environment. This leads to increased interest in investing in renewable sources of energy. When moving to solar is certainly a way to save a significant amount on your electricity bill, investing in the right solar panel shouldn’t be delayed, right? Then what makes you wait for it? Just visit our website and choose the top-quality JA solar panel in UAE.

Top-performing panels from a renowned JA solar panel supplier

Whether looking to install an in-roof or on-roof or any building, it doesn’t matter how you like to harness solar power, PowernSun is the right solution. We hold an extensive range of different watts of JA solar panel in UAE to suit your every need. We never want our clients to be disappointed when visiting us. So, we make sure our portfolio has the right stock of solar panels to make sure you get what exactly you want. Of course, quality is always a top concern. And that makes us become one of the JA solar panel distributors to fulfill your unique demands.

JA Solar – what makes it a worthy investment?

Founded in 2005 and based in Beijing, China, JA solar is a leading name in the manufacturing segment of solar products. This includes solar cells, modules, and more… in the list. With its marketing coverage all over the world, the brand has enabled its distributors to be empowered in supplying residential, commercial, and also utility-scale power generation with a vast number of products.

JA solar panel in UAE – What are the notable points with the brand?

  • Listed on the NASDAQ in 2007
  • Recognition as a global leader in solar manufacturing by SolarBuzz in 2010
  • One of the top manufacturers across the globe for producing high-performance solar power products
  • Firmly established the position as a leading solar panel supplier.
  • Known for unparalleled conversion efficiency, still cost-effective JA solar panel price
  • Products from the manufacturer are covered with a 10-year warranty on damages in wiring and a 25-year warranty against electrical output loss.
  • Constant effort on R&D for delivering innovative product ranges
  • A reliable and long-term partner thus carved the name for JA solar modules in UAE.

Buy JA solar panel – Explore the benefits here:

  • Maximized returns for your PV project
  • The half-cell solar panels from JA solar are unique in the aspect that when you compare with the standard model, the solar cells are smaller in size. Hence high power outputs are assured.
  • Comes with an improvement in tolerance for mechanical loading
  • The new production technology enables high module conversion efficiency of up to 20.56%
  • No more crack risks as there is 9BB technology that uses round wire ribbon
  • Improved output performance unit per area
  • Best known for yield efficiencies and industry-leading conversion
  • JA solar panel in UAE has a great deal of flexibility when it comes to trustworthy solar panels with maximum output and efficiency for diverse needs


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