Factors To Consider When Installing Solar Cable

Factors To Consider When Installing Solar Cable

Solar energy is rapidly contributing to the overall part of renewable energy generation of a nation. Solar panels are a versatile source of energy generation. In order to get solar energy, you need various solar panels to be installed in an array. If you have set your mind to switch to solar, then there are several crucial factors to take into consideration. This includes solar cables for the PV system.

Our quick guide will let you know the essential things when you install solar cables to the solar systems.

What are solar cables?

Solar cables include various insulated wires. They help interconnect the numerous components in a photovoltaic system. Solar cables can be said to be the vital parts of any solar system.  Deploying the right kind of solar cables helps in a seamless flow of electrical energy. Thankfully, modern solar cabling solutions are capable of handling the complex challenges in solar systems. However, still, it is important to know what factors to be on your list when you are installing solar cables.

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Most Important Aspects When Installing Cables In Your Solar Plant

Determine your solar needs

Once you are ready to install your solar system and interconnect the parts with solar cables and wires, spare enough time and calculate your energy needs. If you are expecting a lot of electricity from the PV system, you will need a number of panels and cabling solutions.

Solar cable sizes and types

There are two major types of solar cables:

  1. Solar AC cables
  2. Solar DC cables

Solar DC cables are the most important type of cables since they help in harnessing the energy from the systems. For the efficient functioning of solar systems, choosing the right type and size of cables is very important.

Solar DC cables can be made of different materials such as copper, aluminium, tinned copper, stainless steel, silver-plated copper, and more. Due to its durability and excellent conductivity, copper is the most used material with solar DC cables.

Solar cable size

It is not as simple as getting the solar cable and just going for installation. You should use the appropriate-sized solar cables to make sure you meet your needs. Paying attention to the voltage, current, and length of the cables is of utmost importance in ending up with the right size.

In addition, it is also important to consider the temperature and insulation rating. The size of the cables can impact the resistance and voltage drop, safety and efficiency parameters of the system. Using cable size calculators, you can figure out the right cable size for your project.

To make it simpler, the cable size should match the power output of the solar system to ensure minimal energy loss. The length should be relevant to the distance between the solar panel and the inverter/charge controller. Longer cable sizes can lead to higher resistance.

Series vs parallel connections

Typically, there are two ways to install solar cables with the solar panels. Either you can connect in series or in parallel. The series connection of cables enables you to connect the positive terminal of the solar panel to the negative terminal of the other, making it a chain formation. This increases the overall system voltage.

Whereas in parallel connection, it will be that all positive terminals will be connected together, and all the negative terminals are connected together, it is like a loop connection. This kind of connection improves the overall current of the system.

Quality of the solar cables

There are a wide variety of solar cables available in the market that suit the most demanding applications. It is good to check your exact requirements and focus on choosing high-quality cables. The solar cables should have high resistance and be capable of withstanding harsh environments such as UV, ozone, humidity and extreme temperature ranges.

Solar Cable Installation

There is no defined set of industry standards on how solar cables should be installed in a solar power system. However, there should be sufficient care and attention should be given and no room should be left for poor wiring. Seeking expert solar panel installation experts can help here. Larger solar projects may require more electricity generation and hence demand large-size cables. Moreover, the longer the distance between the panels and the serving load, the cable length and sizing may differ.

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